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    PTFE: Why It’s Used & Why Non-Stick Is a Great Alternative!

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    PTFE seems to be everywhere, but Caraway steers clear of it. Read on to learn why PTFE is used and why non-stick is a great alternative.

    The term “PTFE-free” seems to be the hottest topic in cookware conversations. But if you may have noticed, PTFE seems to be in a lot of cookware out there today, so clearly it has some qualities that appeal to some people.

    To set the record straight, let’s explore why PTFE is used, but also why non-stick ceramic is the ideal alternative to it.

    What Is PTFE, and Why is it Used?

    PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene. The material is hydrophobic and resistant to high temperatures, which provides it with a level of versatility and has a wide variety of applications—including some that are found in the kitchen.

    If you’ve ever heard of the word Teflon, then you’re already familiar with PTFE. Teflon is often used interchangeably with PTFE (as Teflon is the trademarked name for this chemical). Teflon cookware products have PTFE in them because its properties create a non-stick surface that many people find beneficial when cooking.

    PTFE temporarily caught on for a reason: One of the notable qualities of PTFE is its ability to reduce friction, creating the non-stick surface on pans that people were looking for at the time.

    Non-stick cookware allows people to rely less on oil or butter to make their pans slick. Cooking became easier, as well as cleaning. Yet, there was room for improvement.

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    Why Ceramic Is the Essential Alternative

    From what you’ve gathered, it may seem like you’ve hit the cookware jackpot with PTFE (or Teflon) cookware. Unfortunately, there is a downside to it.

    PTFE has been linked to several health conditions such as thyroid disease and cancer when ingested. This can happen easily if the coating of your cookware ever gets chipped. Additionally, when overheated, PTFE cookware releases toxic fumes.

    A frictionless cooking surface isn’t worth the cost of your health. Luckily, there is a simple way of holding onto the benefits of a non-stick surface while improving your health, not damaging it.

    Here, we highlight why our non-stick ceramic cookware is the perfect alternative to PTFE.

    Completely Non-Toxic

    Ceramic is a completely underrated material, if we do say so ourselves. For starters, it’s completely natural. This means that it works well all on its own to create the non-stick surface on cookware as opposed to PTFE cookware which utilizes a chemical coating.

    The potential health risks that we listed earlier are enough to send someone running for the hills at the mention of non-stick cookware. However, our cookware values health and intentional living above all else.

    That’s why all of our cookware is 100% non-toxic and free of PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, cadmium, or toxic metals. Similarly, we value transparency, so we are happy to send chemical testing reports to anyone.

    Healthier and Convenient Lifestyle

    A healthier and convenient lifestyle can be achieved in more ways than one with our ceramic cookware.

    With non-toxic ceramic cookware, you can also use less butter and oil, just like with other non-stick surfaces of the past. However, you probably will still want to keep those stocked in your kitchen.

    Even with Teflon cookware, you still have to put oil or butter on it before cooking the food. As the cookware’s chemical coating can easily be chipped, you may find yourself needing to put more oil or butter than you would anticipate and like with PFTEs.

    On the other hand, ceramic is a natural material that doesn’t require a chemical coating to achieve the non-stick property. The ceramic works well on its own, which means you don't have to worry about adding extra oil or butter. Because of this, your dishes will come off the stovetop or out of the oven a lot healthier than before.

    Ceramic works so well during the cooking process, and is even easier to clean. We all love a clean, beautiful kitchen, but the intensive scrubbing of your dishes can be a hassle. The slick surface of ceramic cookware prevents arguments over who’s turn it is to wash the dishes.

    With ceramic cookware, the food falls right off with just some soap, water, and gentle scrubbing. You might even start to love doing the dishes!

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    Intentional Living

    It’s about time to replace the traditional PTFE cookware and opt for our cookware instead for some irresistible intentional living.

    Our Cookware Set comes with a complete storage unit consisting of a Magnetic Pan Rack and a Canvas Lid Holder. These units can sit in an easy and convenient place in your kitchen, and are especially perfect for people living in apartments or who don’t want to drill holes into cabinets.

    We also offer a variety of different colors to choose from, all of which can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. There’s something for everyone—Navy, Cream, or Gray for industrial kitchens, Perracotta for a boho theme, Sage that is definitely Instagram-worthy, and a lovely Marigold to match the warm seasons.

    Goodbye PTFE, Hello Ceramic

    It’s high time we took PTFE cookware off of its pedestal and gave ceramic cookware the credit it deserves. From healthier, more intentional living to a stylistic appearance, you definitely won’t go back after trying ceramic cookware.


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