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    Quality Cookware, Without Chemicals

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    What makes Caraway's cookware non-toxic?

    Meet ceramic non-stick.

    95% of non-stick cookware is made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a 'forever chemical' that takes decades or longer to leave the body.

    Our cookware is made with a naturally slick, mineral based ceramic-coating, free of PTFE (including Teflon®), lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials that can make their way into your food.

    "Made with a ceramic non-stick coating, which is naturallly smooth and free of nasty, toxic, hard-to-spell (and even harder to ingest) chemicals, the line includes everything you could need to complete a kitchen."

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    Say hello to ceramic non-stick

    Cook and clean in a breeze.

    Caraway's naturally slick surface requires less oil or butter to cook, leading to healthier meals without the fuss.

    Even better? The cleanup. Food releases easily off of our ceramic pans, requiring less scrubbing for a spotless clean in seconds.

    A Thoughtful Approach to Cooking

    Just the essentials

    Our versatile set comes in an array of natural tones and includes only the pieces you need for preparing a simple dinner or a lavish fête.

    Easy does it

    With our non-stick coating, all you need is a dash of oil or butter to prevent sticking. Finally, washing pans will (almost) be a joy.

    Storage solutions

    An easy-as-pie storage system that does away with stacking in favor of making your cookware effortlessly accessible.

    Cookware Set | $395$545
    Best Seller
    Stacked Navy Cookware Set

    Receive exclusive cookware storage at no extra cost when you purchase our full 4-piece set, plus $100 in set savings.

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    How We Compare

    Caraway® Non-StickPTFE Non-Stick
    (ex: Teflon®)
    Non-ToxicAre the materials used in the non-stick coating safe for my family and the environment?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - No
    Non-StickDoes food easily slide around the cooking surface with a minimal amount of oil or butter?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - Yes
    CleaningAre the pots and pans easily washed and cared for?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - Yes
    Heat ConductivityDoes the surface heat evenly, avoiding cool spots and unevenly cooked food?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - Yes
    VersatilityDoes the cookware perform well no matter what cooktop or environment?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - No

    The Cooks Have Spoken

    ★★★★★ 50k+ 5 Star Reviews

    Cooks Have Spoken

    “I LOVE the pan and lid organizers that come with the set. This alone makes the product standout from other sets on the market.”

    - Alyssa K. | Cookware Set

    “Extremely beautiful colors on the pots and pans. Easy to clean. Cooks evenly. Non-toxic. What more could I ask for?”

    - Martin R. | Cookware Set

    Best Seller
    Cookware Set
    (4.7) 43,711 Reviews
    Color: Cream

    Ditch the chemicals with Caraway’s ceramic-coated cookware. Our complete set comes equipped with pan & lid storage units to keep your kitchen organized.

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    One step closer to cleaner cooking

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