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  • square cookware, square grill pan, square griddle pan, non stick, cookware set

    Squareware Set

    (4.8) 456 Reviews
    Color: Cream
    $220 savings

    Squareware Set

    (4.8) 456 Aggregated Reviews*

    A 7-piece set of ceramic-coated pans for grilling, roasting, & more.

    Squareware Set

    (4.8) 456 Aggregated Reviews*

    A 7-piece set of ceramic-coated pans for grilling, roasting, & more.

    Color: Cream







    $220 Savings | Includes Squareware Storage

      Prime Day Savings: Upgrade your kitchen & save 20% when you spend $625+. Offer ends 7/21!

      *Reviews are an aggregate of bundle components
      • Non-Toxic Coating
      • Storage Included
      • Oven Safe & Induction Compatible
      • Non-Stick Ceramic Coating

      Clean cooking gets squared away with Caraway’s non-toxic Squareware Set. Featuring our signature non-stick ceramic coating, these four spacious pans are perfect for recipes that need a bit more room. Sets include complimentary magnetic organizers to keep your cabinets tidy.

      This product complies with CA AB1200.

      *Reviews are an aggregate of bundle components

      What's Included

      Storage Organizers x2

      • An easy & convenient way to store your pans.

        Squareware Set - Navy - Lifestyle Kitchen
      • Bacon, pancakes, and burgers have never been happier. 

        Square Griddle - Navy - Lifestyle Food
      • Bring the barbecue indoors and keep the toxins out. 

        Square Grill Pan - Sage - Lifestyle With Food
      • The family-sized griddle ready to handle weekend brunch.

        Double Burner Griddle - Perracotta - Lifestyle Food
      • The non-toxic pan for main event recipes. 

        Roasting Pan - Cream - Lifestyle With Food
      Weight & Dimensions

      Designed for Any Task

      Designed for Any Task

      Square Grill Pan

      • Grilling -> Bring the BBQ indoors.
      • Searing -> Swiftly caramelize meats for fuller flavor.
      • Toasting -> Achieve a perfect golden brown crisp.
      • Roasting -> Go from stove to oven for an even cook.

      Naturally Non-Stick

      Naturally Non-Stick

      Super slick non-stick pans that require less oil or butter for cooking and minimal scrubbing for a spotless clean.

      Non-Toxic Coating

      Squareware Set - Multicolor - Lifestyle Kitchen

      Non-Toxic Coating

      Designed with your health in mind, our ceramic-coated cookware is free of toxic materials for guilt-free cooking.

      How We Compare

      Caraway® Non-StickPTFE Non-Stick
      (ex: Teflon®)
      Non-ToxicAre the materials used in the non-stick coating safe for my family and the environment?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - No
      Non-StickDoes food easily slide around the cooking surface with a minimal amount of oil or butter?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - Yes
      CleaningAre the pots and pans easily washed and cared for?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - Yes
      Heat ConductivityDoes the surface heat evenly, avoiding cool spots and unevenly cooked food?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - Yes
      VersatilityDoes the cookware perform well no matter what cooktop or environment?Checkmark - YesCheckmark - No

      It only takes 2.5 minutes for a traditional non-stick pan on high heat to exceed 500°F and begin releasing forever chemicals.

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