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This sleek, clean and non-stick cookware delivers on everything it promises

When it was time to replace my old cooking set, I spent a lot of time researching a clean bran replacement. I liked the Caraway design and its promise, but let's be honest here - every clean brand promises superior cooking experience and I have a few pans at home that are somewhat underwhelming. But Caraway delivers exactly what it promises and more. The set is beautiful (after much deliberating I went with the cream color) and I love that the company thought of storage options as well - both the storage rack for the pans and the storage holder are sturdy and well made. The pans themselves distribute heat evenly, are truly non-stick and are super easy to clean. So far I've made a couple of soups and stews in the dutch oven, and a pudding and pasta sauce in the sauce pan. The ultimate test came when I was frying rockfish in the fry pan. It didn't stick and cooked evenly (I've had issues with cooking fish in pans by other clean brands). And I can't overemphasize how easily these clean up. I definitely didn't expect that. I am very happy with my purchase - these pans are a wonderful addition to my kitchen.

Love the look and it's SO easy to clean!

I would definitely recommend this set to my friends and family. The sizes are perfect for an experienced chef (my mom) and a novice like myself. They are beautiful to look at (they actually sit on my counter) and I am amazed how easy they are to clean. Way better than other ceramic pans I have tried. I love that I don't need to worry about my family's safety either - it's a win, win, win! Thank you for creating such a great product. Oh and so many people have asked me where I got such amazing stands for my pans - what a wonderfully practical bonus!

I never thought I could love a set of pots and pans

Easy to clean, super non-stick, beautiful. I REALLY love these pans.

Better Than Expected!

Understandably, I was a little hesitant to purchase an item I've seen all over the pages of Instagram influencers, but this was one of the best decisions I've made recently. From the moment I opened the box, I was impressed with the packing and presentation. Just seeing the pots and pans made me excited to start cooking and THAT is really saying something! My first dish to test them out were eggs (of course!) and they cooked so fast & so nicely. I never leave reviews unless I'm trying to warn other buyers but Caraway is worth every penny & every second spent writing this review :)

Superior cookware!

I love gourmet cooking so it was like Christmas for me to open such a beautifully packed box. The experience with this cookware far exceeds my expectations. Because I can use a lower temperature my dishes are never over cooked and they are so easy to clean I don’t need to put them in the dishwasher. I recommend them to all my friends and show them off when they come to visit. Thank you for making such a quality product. I link forward to buying more sizes.

I have never enjoyed cooking before but WOW it has become easy!!

This beautiful cookware! I love leaving it out on display too! The unboxing was fun and pretty! My kids helped me and that got them interested in helping me look through cookbooks and use the new set!!!

Cooks well

Pans heat well and cleaning is a breeze. Nice job!!

Best cookware I’ve ever owned!

I am beyond thrilled with this purchase! I bought a set for myself a few months ago and liked them so much that I bought two more sets. Such a great product, amazing to cook with and easy to clean.

Great cookware

Beautifully crafted high quality cookware.

Beautiful, very nonstick but stains😔

I reeeaally wanted to give 5 stars! They are REALLY nonstick, have used daily for almost a month with silicone and wood utensils and everything from steak eggs pancakes crepes slide off awesome! The problem that made me give 3 stars is that the outside stains and I got the gray colored which shows off every stain. I noticed when I was making crepes, which we make at least three times a week, when the crepe mix poured over a bit while putting it in the pan with a ladle, and I have used everything I knew to wash it off but its starting to rub off the color instead of washing out stain. Otherwise, love everything about my new set. A bit discouraged though by stains for the amount paid. 😔

Smoothest ceramic ever

I’ve been meaning to update my cookware for a while, and there’s Caraway pans are purrrrrty. The ceramic is smoother than any other ceramic pan I’ve ever used. I also love the attention to detail this brand has. From the perfectly boxed set, to accessories like the pan and lid holders. I am seriously considering buying another set. I only wish they made other accessories like cooking utensils.

So far, so good....

Received the cookware and it was exactly as described. It's non-stick and extremely easy to clean. We love the modern look and it certainly appears to be very high quality cookware that should last for a while. Very happy with our purchase. Very likely to recommend to friends and family!

Nice set

I really enjoy using the pans. By far the best I’ve bought up to this point. I was beyond impressed with their non stick ability. Though lately my eggs have been sticking to the pan which was such a disappointment. First few uses and everything was perfect. Now I’m winding if I’m going to continue to have that issue.

Beautiful and Functional!

All my life, well adult life, I've wanted green pans. Now I've got them! They're beautiful. They come clean so easily. Food cooks evenly. I couldn't ask for a better product!

Fulfilling, taking my home cooking to the next level

The packaging was awesome for introduction into the new cooking set I love the lid storage and magnetic pan/pot storage those were big selling points for myself as it is so unique and the style of the cookware itself is magnificent. I've been using the skillet the most this far and it cooks evenly and cleans up effortlessly.

Best purchase for our new home!

We are so pleased with our Caraway cookware! Not only are they beautiful, clean and sleek - they are easy to clean. We are happy with the number of pots and pans and we're happy to ditch our old scratched set with more pieces. We also love the peace of mind knowing this cookware is non toxic!

Fantastic and gorgeous

There’s a lot of material but everything arrived in perfect condition and all packing was recyclable

In Love

Everything about my experience with Caraway has been nothing but stellar from unboxing to cooking to customer service. I loved how the set was packed sustainably. The cookware does a great job: food and even burnt grease easily rinses right off (I made the mistake of setting the burner too high). There is just the learning curve of finding the right burner levels and it comes with a booklet that explains it. I had an issue with one pot having a little manufacturer’s pain/varnish defect and I was so impressed with how quickly Caraway responded and took care of the situation. I can tell the company really cares about the experience of their customers. Overall very happy with my purchase!


I'm in love with these pots. I've cooked with them what feels like thousands of time now and they are amazing. Definitely worth spending a little extra to buy Caraway as these are designed to last for years and so easy to clean and use.

So far so good

Am really enjoying this cookware and so far at least it holds true to it's claim of non-stick and beautiful. Only issues I have had is they love fingerprints, not sure if there would be a way to apply some sort of ceramic coat to the outside to prevent this and my induction range had a bit of trouble detecting the smallest pot which I had to buy a induction plate to help it out with. I think if they do a v2 set they should add an extra mm of steel on bottom to give it a higher induction efficiency and compatibility across ranges and perhaps decrease the 'ringing' on the range a little. Overall i'm very happy with the set and hope to see it's non-stick performance continue for longer than all the other pans that never survived much more than a year or so.

love but spots

I really loved the way these pots and pans cooked my food! I fell in love! Unfortunately, there was an issue with spotting on the bottom of my pans.

Beautiful, functional, certainly a lasting set.

Unboxing this was fun; it was like Christmas came early (or late, depending). A bit heavier than I am used to, but before i used the pans left over from my husband's bachelor days. The non stick is great! I was not prepared for the lids being so hot, but I learned a valuable lesson, and quickly. I wish there were more types to choose from; I would love a wok! Will definitely be touting this brand to any and all who will listen.

Beautiful and hoping they stay that way : )

Was so excited to receive a set of Caraway cookware as a holiday gift last year! They pots and pans look and feel beautiful and we don't mind leaving them out on our stove to see.
They heat up pretty quickly and evenly and it's been amazing cooking without food sticking to the pan -- we were upgrading from some 1970's Revere Ware so it's a welcome change.
The only downside is that one of our pots already has some scratches/paint removed from the exterior from where it touches the grate on our stovetop : ( We've been really careful not to use metal on the inside, but can't really do much about the grate hitting the outside -- after just a few uses the blue paint was scratched off.
Overall we've enjoyed cooking (and are cooking more) the first few months we've had them. I'm hoping that they don't continue to show too many signs of wear and tear so soon though!

I'm obsessed!

I just bought these in the Sage, it is so pretty and unique! I have gotten rid of all my other pots, these are all we need. We have been so impressed with how well these cook, but the clean up is the biggest "wow" factor for us. No more gross scraping of the egg pan!! My only complaint is that the lid holder tends to swing when I open the cabinet door but the storage is so clever and useful, I just put some double stick tape on the bottom and it's fixed. I couldn't be happier!

Exceptional quality. Stunning design.

I researched many brands prior to my Caraway Home purchase. Needless to say, I love everything about this brand. The attention to detail is second to none. The cookware is everything you would image! Stylish, beautiful, functional and well made. Cooking is fun. Clean up is easy. I am more than pleased!