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The best cooking set!

It’s Chic and beautiful and the storage system alone should be enough to convince you. But it doesn’t stop there, the ultimate best part is healthier cooking with ease of cleaning. All around a win win!

Very good

Pans are very nice, exceeded my expectations. Seems very well made. Have been using them for a few weeks and is a very nice upgrade. Having the lid storage is a game changer.


The box was well thought out labeled items for reference. My husband and I enjoy cooking together and love how well food cooks and the clean up is a breeze. Definitely think my friends would love the experience


So stylish. I have peace of mind knowing that this cookware will safely cook my family’s food. Clean up is simple. Almost makes me want to cook every night - I said “almost”.

Cookware Set

I love it! The cookware is gorgeous but is more than just a pretty face — it works great!

Unboxing my Caraway cookware was fun and it was like getting a surprise gift each time I opened something new. The cookware itself really is stunning. I loved the sage green color, the sleek silver handles and flat lids, and the slick gray interior. I couldn't wait to try it out and so far have made eggs in the fry pan and pasta in the saucepan, and I'm looking forward to making many more meals with the set. As expected, cleanup was a breeze. I couldn't be happier with the set and am tempted to leave it out on the stovetop and show it off because I love the design so much!

Loving it but more of a peach color than cream

I ordered the cream color hoping it was on the whiter side but found it to be more of a peach color in my all white kitchen. It is a pretty color but not quite what I was expecting. I love cooking with the pans and feel they are performing as expected. Im forcing myself to be patient and cook at a lower temp. The packaging was nice. I am not able to use the lid holder in my cabinets as it’s too tall by about 1.5 inches. I have a standard drawer with doors below scenario. I wish it fit because I was really excited about it! I do like the magnetic stacking holders.

Love my teflon free pots!

I love these pots & pans! Color is beautiful. Easy to clean. Non stick is great! Heats evenly. Definitely will be buying another set for my beach house.

Can’t recommend enough!!

I absolutely loved the unboxing experience when I record my cookware! I took pics of every step to show on Instagram because I was so excited! The best packaging I’ve ever seen! I have used the cookware for a few weeks now and can honestly say it’s the best I’ve ever had. I have some All Clad pieces I love, but they’re not non-stick so I can’t use them for everything. I have a food blog and am a Health Coach and now recommend these to everyone who will listen! I appreciate the detailed thought that has obviously gone into every step of your process. Thank you!!

BUY THIS COOKWARE. I've searched long and hard....

These are fantastic pans - I just threw away all my other toxic teflon nonstick pans. Excellent purchase, price is amazingly cheap for the quality and what you receive. Love my green color.

Love my new cookware set!

Truly nonstick and so easy to clean. I ordered the gray color and it's beautiful. Only downside is that the pieces are really heavy. Might be somewhat difficult to handle if you have trouble lifting heavy items.

Beautiful and truly nonstick

These pans and pots making cooking without burning much easier and more pleasant!


Extremely beautiful colors on the pots and pans. Easy to clean. Cook evenly. Non-toxic. What more could I ask for? Will be buying more pieces.

Even heating and 100% non-stick

This cookware is phenomenal! Excellent, even heating and truly non-stick. Absolutely love this set and highly recommend it.


Couldn’t be happier with the entire Caraway experience. Lots of helpful information related to care of the pots and pans sent via email prior to my order arriving, awesome packaging, and the cookware itself is a dream — beautiful, functional, and a breeze to clean! Truly a great set for yourself or anyone that loves to cook.

Best cookware I’ve ever used

Highly recommend to everyone in need of cookware. The unboxing and organization of the pans is so satisfying!

Life changing! Even my husband agrees!

We were hesitant to purchase this set as it is a bit pricey and only seven pieces. I convinced my husband to do it and we ordered them. We received the most thought out packaged items ever, plus they’re GORGEOUS! My husband has been texting them out and cooking more than ever! We love that the heat is so well distributed and they only require a low heat setting. Also, we have minimal space in our 700sq ft apartment and they fit perfectly in the small cabinet above our stove. Couldn’t be happier!

Functional AND pretty!

Perfect. Love everything about these pans. Gorgeous, but also exactly what you want for your health and everyday cooking experience!

Modern, beautiful and functional

The box arrived pretty beaten up so our unboxing experience wasn’t that great — more worried that something may have been stolen out of the box but everything was intact! Phew! This cookware set is gorgeous, modern and I love the included pot rack and lid holder. Makes the purchase feel like you’re really getting your monies worth. Took a few meals cooked to get used to the way the ceramic heats but we got the hang of it now and I love the way food gets cooked, evenly and effortlessly. Cleanup is a total breeze. So very happy with this purchase and makes me feel even better knowing that creepy chemicals are no longer lurking in my food! I would highly recommend this cookware set to my friends.

Sleek dishware and new recipes coming my way

Absolutely, 100%! It was like opening a box of treasure. I've recently moved to a new state with no friends, or family around. Cooking has become a passion and outlet for me since I moved. My brother is actually in process of buying a home and I'd LOVE to get this for him as a house warming present.

Cookware Set

So far so good!

Unboxing did not start off well, the tape used to seal the box had come open, exposing the interior of the box. All the pans and lids were there though. Cooking has been good, I like the even heat distribution. Storage in the proceed shelf is great. Would recommend.


Unboxing - was neat for sure! But I thought it was a lot of wasted material and hard to break down for recycling. I’ve already recommended it! Cooking everything is amazing but eggs that slid off! Wow

No Regrets!

Was really impressed with everything I got in my experience. The cookware was packaged extremely well. They are beautiful to look at. Really great experience so far with cooking and cleanup. I love the magnetic cookware holders for organization. And sleeve storage for lids. My wife is really happy, and that makes me happy! Great purchase! Will be on the lookout for more products from Caraway!

Incredible cooking surface and beautiful in our kitchen

The unboxing was great! I love that it arrives in only recyclable materials. We have substantially lessened the amount of oil we use, as nothing sticks to the pans. They are also easy to clean! The enamel on the outside of our small pan already has a small chip in it, but the others are fine, so I’m sure we’ve done something careless without noticing.

It is worth mentioning, however, that even though we followed the instructions for the adhesive pins for the pot lid hanger, one detached after a week. Fortunately I caught it before the weight pulled the other one down and damaged the lids, but I would advise that you just use screws in the wall. No point in risking the safety of your cookware on adhesive support, even if it is pretty.