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    What Your Cookware Color Says About You

    A La Carte Stovetop

    Everyone has the perfect Caraway color! Here's how to choose yours, and what your guests can learn about you with just one look at your brand new set.

    In an age where aesthetics are everything and branding is king, the urge to find your own personal style can be intense. From Instagram inspo to the fashion on your FYP, it’s often overwhelming to pin down what you actually aesthetically connect with. Whether you’ve just begun your design journey or you’re on your way to building your own lifestyle empire, it never hurts to do your research on the largest of purchases, like a new car or an updated wardrobe, down to the bare essentials, like welcome mats and cookware.

    As you decide whether you’re a summer or a winter, a Carrie or a Charlotte, a minimalist or a more-is-more kind of designer, here’s a handy guide to breaking down what color Caraway cookware you should settle on as you put the finish touches on your vibe.


    Cream Stovetop

    You’re classic. You long for the days where a dress code was outlined and a menu was simple. You love everything vintage, from the record player in your living room to the bronze-rimmed rocks glasses on your bar cart. When you have your friends or your co-workers or your in-laws over for dinner, you want the bœuf bourgignon (Julia Child’s, naturally) you’re serving to be the star of the evening- but you won’t blame anyone for gushing over the clean, cream Dutch Oven it’s being presented in.


    Navy Cabinet

    You’re a traditionalist and you’re grounded. You’re logical and loyal. You’re the level-headed one amongst your friends, and are more likely to dip into your savings for something practical, long-lasting, and eco-friendly (like a Caraway set) than splurge on a new toy or a quick experience. When you’re making dinner, you opt for fewer pots and more staple ingredients, but regardless of what you’re cooking, you believe food is at its absolute best when it’s shared.


    Gray unboxing

    While some of your fringe friends may describe you as ambivalent, those who know you best would say that, actually, you’re just adaptable. You’re quite self-aware, and you know that your tastes are subject to change as the trends do just as well as you know that a solid, pragmatic gray will always be in style. Versatility and simplicity are not antonyms to you; they’re more like counter-intuitive ingredients in a dish that, when stirred together, make for a surprisingly perfect meal.


    Sage Countertop

    You value comfiness and coziness and you want your home to be a haven, above all. When you learned the term “hygge,” you felt as though everything in your life made sense. You’re welcoming to all, and if you had it your way, your friends and family would gather under your roof for a pasta night or a brunch shakshuka once a week. A Sage set would complement the dark, leafy greens of the tons of plants that thrive under your care in the harbor of your home.


    Perracottta Cabinet

    You have specific tastes and you’re probably looked to as the keeper of aesthetic knowledge in your friend group. You can curate the perfect vibe no matter the occasion, whether it’s a surprise birthday party, a wedding, or a quiet dinner party. You’re hard to shop for, as everyone is secretly a little nervous to try and pin down your preferences. But when you find that perfect item, you’ll spend whatever time, energy, and money it takes to get it.


    Marigold Stovetop

    You’re bold and passionate and likely the planner of the group. You like to let your look, your pop culture taste, and your home decor speak for you, and you’ve never met a graphic tee you didn’t love. Ever since childhood, you were the kind of person who wanted everyone who might step foot inside your space to know exactly what you’re about from minute one. When you host a movie night, you’re definitely matching the snacks to the film choice, and you’re certain everyone who comes will leave full, happy, and excited to be invited back.

    Black Iconics

    Black Iconics Countertop

    You don’t follow trends and why should you? Your style is as timeless as they come. You practically invented the LBD, and when friends need help getting dressed for an event, they come straight to you. You’re honest (and sometimes a bit blunt), but those who know you well love it because you’ll always tell them exactly how you feel. You scooped up Black Iconics Cookware as soon as it launched, and love the way it complements your gold range and kitchen fixtures.

    White Iconics

    White Iconics unboxing

    You love to entertain, and when you host an event, the whole block is vying for an invite. Everything from the decor, to the food, to the guest list is thoughtfully curated, and all planned in-house. (of course!) Your love for crisp whites and golds runs deep, and you can find elements of the two shades all throughout your impeccably designed home. Lucky for you, the White Iconics cookware set fits perfectly into your aeshetic, which is why it has a permanent place on your stovetop…and you don’t mind the compliments you get for it, either.

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