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    What's a Sauce Pan, & What are They Even Used For?

    Sauce Pan

    We place our Caraway Sauce Pan on a high pedestal—and for a good reason! Read on to learn what a Sauce Pan is and what it’s used for.

    Among the plethora of must-have kitchen items, Sauce Pans have certainly gained a reputable status. As the name suggests, you can make some incredible, decadent sauces with this cookware, but you’re not limited to just that.

    It’s time to discover all the ways that you can make the most out of your Sauce Pan.

    What Is a Sauce Pan?

    Let’s start from the very beginning. Traditionally, a Sauce Pan is a deep cookware that comes with high sides, straight edges, and a long handle.

    This may sound like a variety of similar cookware, yet there are truly distinct qualities that set Sauce Pans apart from other cookware. For instance, Sauce Pans are smaller than a Dutch Oven, taller and narrower than a Sauté Pan, and deeper than a Fry Pan.

    The cookware can usually hold up to two to three quarts and has a relatively small surface area which allows it to distribute heat more evenly. Often you’ll find that Sauce Pans are used exclusively on stovetops. However, our cookware comes with an extra layer of versatility; if your recipe calls for it, you can even pop the Sauce Pan into an oven for up to 550°F.

    What Is the Sauce Pan Used For?

    A notable quality that Sauce Pans have is that they are able to contain a high volume of liquids in a small area, thanks to their high sides. Because of this, these cookware pieces can be used to cook an impressive range of liquids and more. Nothing says intentional living like cookware with immense versatility.

    Here, we highlight some of the ways that Sauce Pans can be used:

    Making Sauces

    If you happen to have a Sauce Pan on you or are planning to get one, you absolutely have to try making a sauce in it (after all, it’s in the name).

    Our Sauce Pan is made with a naturally slick ceramic coating, which creates the perfect cooking surface to ensure that your sauce. Because of its wonderful heat retention (among other qualities), this cookware guarantees that it is cooked thoroughly with as much richness and depth of flavor as possible.

    Risottos and Soups

    As mentioned earlier, the high sides of the cookware are a huge help when whipping up your favorite recipes. This sort of structure ensures that it can accommodate more food and is perfect for making meals such as soups and risottos.

    The high sides coupled with our Sauce Pan’s lid guarantees no spills and can guarantee that you’ll have a delicious dish to serve. Truly, this cookware is the first and final stop to flavorful dishes and satisfied taste buds.

    Caraway Takes Your Breath Away

    If a Sauce Pan seems like it’s making its way to your kitchen essential list, then you should opt for our Sauce Pan. Ceramic cookware is the gateway to a healthier and more intentional lifestyle. Not only that, but you can transform your kitchen into the most beautiful, stylish room in your home with Caraway—and the benefits don’t stop there.

    Here, we highlight all the ways that Caraway cookware is sure to take your breath away.

    Great Heat Conduction and Retention

    We briefly mentioned earlier just how great our cookware is at retaining heat, so let’s dive into that further.

    When you go shopping for kitchen tools, you want them to last. It can be to watch a pan of food while it’s cooking. Perhaps you are constantly checking to make sure that your cookware stays in the same condition as when it came out of the box. With our ceramic, though, you don’t have to sweat it out.

    The natural ceramic surface of our Sauce Pan is great at both conducting and retaining heat. That means that while you’re making your soup or sauce, you don’t have to worry about your dish coming out unevenly cooked.

    Our Sauce Pan is also stovetop compatible, which means that no matter what stove you own—induction, gas, or electric—you’re good to go.

    This material, along with the structure of the pan, guarantees that your food is fully cooked with no cold spots, which is more than can be said about cast iron or stainless steel. Because the heat is retained so well, that also means that the Sauce Pan can cook your food much faster. And the sooner it cooks, the sooner you can show off your delicious creation.

    All You Need and More

    We’ve talked about the versatility of the Sauce Pan, but what if we told you that there are more cookwares like that? Our Cookware Set takes versatility to extremes to create the easiest, most convenient cooking experience possible.

    With our Cookware Set, we narrowed down a 16 piece set to just four versatile items that you can’t live without. The set consists of our Sauce Pan, as well as a Sauté Pan, a Dutch Oven, and a Fry Pan, all you need to make your way around the kitchen and through recipes.

    If you’re looking to try out some Sauce Pan recipes and want to try something a bit more adventurous, we’d recommend turning to our Bakeware Set for some creative pursuits. Perhaps there’s a lemon poppyseed muffin recipe that you’d like to try out. Our Muffin Tin is the perfect mold for the muffins themselves, while the Sauce Pan can create a delicious lemon glaze to top it off.

    Each item in the complete set holds multifunctional abilities. Because of this, you’ll be using them every single day; they’ll never sit around gathering dust or cluttering up your precious cabinet space. Even with consistent use, you won’t run the risk of needing to replace them, as they’re extremely durable so long as you care for them properly.

    Easy Cleaning

    The ceramic coating of our cookware guarantees a hassle-free clean-up process. But how does that work exactly?

    Let’s dive in.

    We’re sure you’re no stranger to the everso stressful situation of having to aggressively scrub your dish to remove the food that got burnt or stuck to the surface. By utilizing the ceramic coating, we’ve managed to avoid this situation altogether to ensure an easy cooking and cleaning experience.

    As we mentioned earlier, the ceramic material provides a naturally slick surface for your food to cook on. Because of this, our ingredients can easily glide over the surface, so food burning or sticking to the surface is completely avoidable.

    This ease continues even post-cooking during the cleaning process, as the excess food falls right off the surface with some warm water, soap, and gentle scrubbing.

    Sage Sponges REV

    Caring for Ceramic Cookware

    Of course, like with any other product that you own, the benefits that come with it can only remain if taken care of properly. With our cookware, we recommend that you use non-abrasive cloths when cleaning. Additionally, it’s best to avoid putting the cookware in the dishwasher. This way, you’re protecting the ceramic coating and maintaining that slick surface that we know and love.

    The surface can also be damaged in other ways, such as in the way that we store the cookware. One of the most common ways that people tend to store their cookware is by stacking them in their cabinets.

    Though it seems efficient at the moment, the haphazard nature of just carelessly tossing them on top of each other can do more harm than good. That is, the constant and abrasive contact between the cookwares can cause them to scratch one another and chip away at the ceramic coating.

    To avoid this, it’s best to store them in a way that minimizes the contact they have with one another, either by placing a paper towel between them or utilizing a storage unit your Complete Cookware Set came with.

    Healthy in More Ways Than One

    The ceramic coating on our cookware does more than just glide your food across the surface and creates an easy kitchen experience all around. It also comes with a plethora of benefits that are sure to send you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

    Some non-stick cookware has to use chemicals to create a non-stick coating. Not ceramic. Ceramic doesn’t need any additives at all; ceramic is non-stick all by itself.

    You may be wondering why you should opt for cookware with ceramic coating rather than a non-stick chemical coating like Teflon. The reason comes down to the synthetic polymer known as PTFE, PFAS, and PFOA that are found in these pots and pans.

    Studies have shown that these cookwares release various gasses and chemicals when introduced to heat that, when ingested, result in mild to severe toxicity. These chemicals are also linked to health risks such as thyroid disease and cancer.

    These risks are something you shouldn’t need to worry about. You deserve to enjoy the ease and convenience of non-stick cookware. That’s where our products come in. All of our cookware is 100% non-toxic and are free of materials like PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, cadmium, or toxic metals.

    Not only does using our ceramic cookware ultimately avoid potential health risks, but it can also help you achieve your daily health goals. Our ceramic material works wonders at ensuring a slick surface, especially in comparison to stainless steel or cast iron cookware. This means that your cookware is so reliable that you can ease up on the butter or oil that we usually put on the cookware to avoid sticking.

    With traditional non-stick cookware, the coating can easily chip as well, which can amplify the chances of accidentally ingesting it. However, our cookware is significantly more durable so long as it's taken care of and is the best option to kick off your healthy lifestyle in the New Year or whenever you decide to make a change.

    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    Beyond the perks that come with healthy living, our products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

    The manufacturing process, from fashion to automobiles to home goods, is responsible for a notable percentage of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

    Our Caraway cookware releases up to 60% less CO2 emissions when produced compared to traditional non-stick cookware. So while you’re enjoying items that are free of toxic chemicals and promoting a healthier lifestyle, you can also enjoy the fact that your cookware benefits the planet too.

    Our environmental concerns don’t stop when the cookware leaves the production plant. We utilize ethical packaging and manufacturing for our kitchen essentials. Specifically, we rely on recycled cardboard and use absolutely no single-use plastics.

    Beyond this, we have some recommendations on how to incorporate these sustainability practices into your life.

    You should never underestimate the impact of recycling packaging; the Caraway fabric bags that the products come in can be repurposed in a way that’s convenient for you and your lifestyle needs. For instance, these packaging bags can be reused as a laundry bag or for something to carry your shoes while traveling. The only limits to environmentally-friendly habits are your imagination!

    There aren’t many products out there that can align with your lifestyle goals while also actively working towards a more sustainable future—it’s truly a win-win.

    The Caraway Cabinet

    Having a Cookware Set is so versatile and useful to have in your kitchen. Of course, a major worry when adding more cookware to your kitchen is that you’ll end up with a cluttered and messy kitchen. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution that makes the newest addition to your kitchen all the more worthwhile.

    Storage is key to ensuring that your beautiful top-tier kitchen tools stay good as new for as long as possible. But don’t worry, you don’t have to stress about going out and searching for the perfect storage unit.

    Our Cookware Set comes with its very own Magnetic Pan Rack and Canvas Lid Holder. This storage unit is vital if you live in apartments or if you don’t want to drill holes into cabinets to make shelves. With this unit, all of the items in our set can sit comfortably within your cabinet in an easy and convenient way.

    Colors Upon Colors

    A healthy lifestyle isn’t the only thing that you can achieve with our cookware. We’ve taken intentional living to a whole new level with the aesthetically pleasing colors that you can choose from when selecting our cookware.

    No one can refuse a kitchen with eye-catching cookware. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from that can be matched according to your kitchen’s style and design.

    Design Additions for Every Space

    • For the more neutral or industrial kitchens, you can never go wrong with a classic Cream, Gray, or Navy. The dark tones would pair lovely against a backsplash of white subway tiles.
    • If you’re aiming for a boho design, we’ve blended together terracotta and pink to create a stunning color we like to call Perracotta. Just imagine your cookware in this beautiful, gentle color just opposite some fringe throw pillows on the bench at the kitchen nook. It’s surely an eye-catcher.

    Seasonal Decor Options

    Some people like to design their kitchens according to their favorite seasons.

    • We’ve come prepared with a lovely Sage that complements earthy tones reminiscent of lovely spring days.
    • The bright Marigold can lend a cheerful spring or summer time feel.
    • And if you’re looking for a color that can fit multiple seasons, our limited edition Brick Red works perfectly for the winter holidays or warmer seasons.

    Achieving your dream kitchen aesthetic shouldn’t be a hassle, so we’ve got you covered. On our Caraway Instagram account, we feature design ideas to help spark some inspiration. And if you’re still stumped, you can even DM us a picture of your kitchen. We would love to recommend a color that could make any space pop.

    With all of these options, you’ll fall in love with your new cookware. And the more you look at our cookware, the more you’re going to want to use it.

    Delicious Sauce, Gorgeous Cookware

    Sauce Pans can do quite a lot in the kitchen, and we can’t talk about their potential enough. With our cookware, you’ll be able to meet your kitchen and lifestyle needs in a stylish environment that you’ll never want to leave.


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