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    Types of Pots That Should Come With Every Cooking Set

    Types of Pots and Pans hero

    Selecting the best cookware doesn’t need to be too complex. Read on to find out the types of pots that should come with every cooking set.

    Nothing is more convenient than getting a cooking set that has everything you could ever need for your cooking endeavors. One of the biggest challenges is determining which pieces of cookware are kitchen essentials.

    The best cookware sets are the ones that serve multiple purposes. If you can get more use out of just a few cookware pieces, then you’re golden. Much like curating the perfect capsule wardrobe, items that can transition seamlessly between roles elevate our lives.

    Read on to learn about the types of pots that should come with every cooking set.

    What Is a Cooking Set?

    So what exactly is a cooking set, and what do they usually consist of? Cooking sets include cookware pieces that are deemed as must-haves in your kitchen. It’s appealing and convenient for many people, particularly if they love a minimalist design style or are limited on space.

    In most cooking sets, you’ll notice that all of the items share some common qualities. For instance, they may all be made out of the same material or at least have the same surface coating. In other words, you likely won’t find many sets that are a mix of different cookware, such as cast iron and stainless steel, or non-stick and regular. This ensures uniformity within the set, which is compelling to people when looking for new items to add to their kitchen.

    set (6)

    Choosing a set is a very individualized decision, as it has to fit your specific needs. The size varies for these sets, as some come with just a few cookwares while others offer several. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, then you may want to opt for a smaller, more concise set. The larger sets may be more suitable for those who cook quite often and for large crowds of people.

    The last thing you want to do is be pulled in by these cooking sets and stuck with one that ultimately just adds to the clutter in your kitchen. It’s essential to consider intentional living when searching for cookware so that you can get the most out of the latest addition to your kitchen.

    Flaws with Some Cooking Sets

    Although some people may need a larger cooking set with more items, think critically about whichever one you pick.

    It can be overwhelming to sift through all the options out there, and some just call to you more than others. But don’t be entranced by the fancy labels and big words.

    A common flaw in a lot of cooking sets is that they look more glamorous than they actually are. That’s why you have to look in-depth at the qualities that these cookwares have to see if they align with your specific needs and are worth the cost. Gorgeous cookware can absolutely be of high quality; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

    You deserve to have the best quality cooking set that not only fits your needs but also adds to your life.

    Less Is More

    The key to finding the best cooking set is remembering that less is more. If you can find a cooking set that has very few items but they are incredibly multifunctional, then you’ve found your match. That’s why our cookware is a favorite of designers and home cooks everywhere.

    Our Cookware Set is everything you need and nothing you don’t. For this set, we took a traditional 16-piece set and whittled it down to just four versatile items that can serve your every need.

    This is also a major space-saving hack; why opt for a cookware collection that you’ll hardly ever get around to using when you can instead get the same outcome out with just the four high-quality pieces in your cabinet?

    Types of Pots That Should Come With Every Cooking Set

    You want to think about these sets as an investment rather than any other purchase. Picking the best one for you can serve you better in the long run, so you should carefully consider the various items that you want and need.

    Our cookware is the best way to go; with our set, you’re only adding a few more items to your kitchen cabinet, and they’re guaranteed to be put to good use.

    Here, we highlight the types of pots that should come with every cooking set:

    Fry Pan

    A kitchen is unimaginable without the presence of a Fry Pan. From flipping eggs to so many other cooking tasks, this cookware has many talents, making it a kitchen essential.

    Our Fry Pan is a best seller and is often sold out. It also comes in our Cookware Set along with three other pieces of cookware. You may be wondering, what sets this Fry Pan apart from others?

    This kitchen tool can do so much more than your average frying pan. In fact, it can cook four to six eggs in it. This can definitely come in handy on those early mornings when you’re in a rush for work, whether you’re making breakfast for multiple people or just one.

    That isn’t all that this pan can do. Like we said earlier, our cookware is very multifunctional and can handle multiple different cooking tasks. For example, if you love sauteing vegetables, pull out our Fry Pan for a delicious meal every time. The versatility of our cookware can be a lifesaver in the moment and can make your cooking experience all the more enjoyable.

    Sauce Pan

    Don’t let the name mislead you. Sauce Pans are capable of so many things and should definitely be a cookware that you look for in your cooking set.

    Even if you don’t tend to make sauces all that often, this cookware can be used to make all sorts of dishes. Risotto, mac and cheese, and sauces are all welcome in this three-quart pot.

    Sauce Pans are essential in kitchens since their size is so versatile. Though they come in a variety of different shapes, some have tall and flat sides, while others have more rounded and shallow sides. The latter usually retains heat better, while the former heats up more quickly.

    Our Sauce Pan is the perfect combination of these benefits, though, as it both retains and conducts heat better than others. It differs in size and shape compared to other items in our Cookware Set and is a valuable tool to have in your kitchen.

    Sauté Pan

    If you’ve ever seen a Sauté Pan, you might be wondering why you need one, given that it looks so similar to a Fry Pan. Though they have parallels, the two items hold differences that make each one of them necessary separate aspects of your Caraway Cabinet.

    Sauté Pans resemble their sister cookware, the Fry Pan in their basic round and sturdy shape and long handles. They’re not the same — a major difference is that Sauté Pans are deeper than Fry Pans and can therefore be used for different purposes.

    The deeper cookware allows for it to be used for cooking methods that Fry Pans can’t accommodate. For example, the crowd favorite Sauté Pan is shallow enough to sauté but deep enough to fry and boil.

    As we mentioned earlier, Fry Pans are ideal for frying and flipping eggs in the morning. Yet, if you’re in the mood for a different style of eggs, such as poached or hard-boiled, the deepness of the Sauté Pan provides a better vessel. By having both a Fry Pan and a Saute Pan just an arm's length away in the kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare a wide variety of foods for any event or time of day.

    Dutch Oven

    Oh, the Dutch Oven. The cookware you never knew you needed. Even though Dutch Ovens should be a kitchen staple, people don’t often see them that way. They are often bought separately, as they traditionally aren’t included in cookware sets and aren’t perceived as a necessity in comparison to other pots and pans.

    Our Cookware Set differs from most which often lack the reliable and beautiful Dutch Oven. We recognize the value of a Dutch Oven and just had to include it. With such versatility, this cookware is truly a must-have.

    So what exactly is a Dutch Oven? In contrast to other pots and pans, this cookware is a thick-walled cooking pot that comes with a tight-fitting lid. Even though it’s a bit larger than the other items in our Cookware Set, it truly ties up the set and makes it everything you could ever need.

    And on the plus side, it has the same lid as our Fry Pan, so you’ll be embracing versatility and space-saving qualities with this cookware.

    Its strong body allows it to maintain a constant heat for a long time, either on the stove or in the oven (yes, it can be used in both!). Because of this ability, the uses for a Dutch Oven are as endless as your creativity. The first one that may come to mind is making soups and stews, given that they need to simmer for quite some time at a constant temperature.

    Dutch Ovens are also great for braising (cooking meat such as pork or beef in liquid at a low temperature for a long period of time). The thick walls and deep structure of the pot allows for the meat to cook flawlessly at exceedingly hot temperatures. These properties make it the ideal vessel for this task and so many more.

    Cookware Qualities: What To Look For

    Knowing what specific cookware you should have in your cooking set is just step one. The other part is determining the qualities that you want your cookware to have.

    Minimizing Clutter and Maximizing Your Cabinets

    storeiitall 1024x1024

    One of the most important aspects to consider when buying more items to add to your kitchen is if they can even fit in your space. Our Cookware Set mitigates the issue of potential clutter by reducing the number of items in the set itself.

    You have to also consider if the cookware can fit on your stovetop and in your oven, so it’s critical to take a look at measurements too.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean aiming to buy the smallest cookware you can find. After all, if your cookware doesn’t accommodate the size that you’re cooking for every day, then it’s not really adding to your home as it should.

    That’s why our Cookware Set comes in just the right size and works perfectly for any size party. For example, with the ability to hold 6.5 quarts, the Dutch Oven is perfect for bigger families, or even just a table for two.

    Stovetop Compatible

    Along similar lines, you also have to consider whether your new cookware is compatible with the stovetop you own, as some are very restricted in what surface they can use. The items in our Cookware Set are stovetop agnostic and therefore completely safe to use on electric, glass, induction, or gas.

    Have you ever had to move and then realize that your cast-iron cookware will not adapt to your new glass top stove? With Caraway, you can keep your cookware for the long haul.

    High-Quality Materials

    The material and quality of your cookware can greatly influence what you’ll be able to cook in it. For instance, using uncoated cast iron cookware means you’re restricted in what you can use the cookware for. It isn’t best suited for some foods, such as citrus or wine, or for boiling water as it can cause the pan to rust.

    Similarly, non-stick cookware works really well for cooking foods that require high heat, as the surface ensures that the food doesn’t scorch or stick to the pan. Also, you have to be mindful of how easily the coating of traditional non-stick cookware can chip. Materials like Teflon could result in some potential health risks.

    Caraway Coming in Clutch

    We’ve alluded to how Caraway’s Cookware Set might just be the dream cooking set that you’ve been looking for. It truly does have everything you need and nothing you don’t. However, the specific qualities that are unique to our products can’t go unmentioned.

    Let’s discuss why ceramic cookware is your best friend in the kitchen.

    Smooth and Slick Like Ceramic

    When looking for the best quality material for your cookware, what comes to mind? If the answer isn’t ceramic, then you might want to keep reading about its wonderful qualities.

    All of our cookware is made with a ceramic coating, which was a very intentional choice on our part. Ceramic provides a natural, slick surface for you to cook. It operates the same way that traditional non-stick cookware does, but without the potential health risks linked to non-stick chemicals.

    Traditional non-stick cookware requires a chemical coating known as PTFE to give it that non-stick quality. Ceramic is good at that all on its own. Because of that, our cookware is 100% non-toxic and free of PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, cadmium, or toxic metals.

    The natural slickness of ceramic ensures that your food doesn’t get stuck to the cookware, which is hugely beneficial during the cooking process. This benefit continues even after you finish your meal.

    The one thing that everyone looks forward to is doing their dishes at the end of a meal. What they don’t look forward to is the excessive, time-consuming scrubbing that goes into cleaning the cookware when food gets stuck to it.

    We’ve mitigated this issue with our ceramic cookware. With just some soapy water and a gentle, non-abrasive sponge, any excess food is guaranteed to fall right off the cookware without any hassle or excessive scrubbing.

    Heat Retention and Conduction

    If the non-stick surface of ceramic cookware doesn’t reel you in, then maybe the heat retention and conduction qualities can do the trick.

    Ceramic is thermally conductive and has better heat retention than other cookware materials such as stainless steel and cast iron. Not only does this mean it can cook food faster, but it also ensures that the surface heats evenly, which aids in avoiding cool spots and unevenly cooked food.

    This quality is especially beneficial when cooking with a Dutch Oven. As mentioned earlier, this cookware is often used to make stews and soups, which require simmering for a long time. The ceramic material that encases the dish can ensure that the food stays warm for hours. It won’t burn or get stuck to the surface in the meantime.

    Healthier Lifestyle

    Our ceramic cookware can help you achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle in more ways than one.

    Ceramic cookware gives you the same benefits as non-stick cookware, just without the dangerous chemicals. A common issue that can occur with non-stick cookware is that the costing doesn’t work as well as expected.

    One way to mitigate this is by ensuring that you’re coating the cookware with a good amount of oil or butter before cooking to give it a slick barrier between the surface and the food. This can keep food from sticking, but it can also push you further from a healthier lifestyle.

    If a healthy lifestyle is what you’re after, adding more oil and butter to your diet can be an issue. But with traditional non-stick cookware, you may have no other choice but to add it in to prevent sticking.

    That’s why ceramic cookware is the better option to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. The natural, slick ceramic surface works all on its own to ensure that food doesn’t stick. And since it’s free of PFOA, PTFE, and PFAS, you can enjoy the non-stick properties without the fear of health risks and without needing to add excess oil or butter.

    Better for the Environment

    Not only is our ceramic cookware better for you and your health, but it’s also better for the environment.

    All of our cookware is ethically manufactured, as well as ethically packaged. There is zero single-use plastics used in any of these stages, and we opt instead for recycled cardboard. You can even continue this eco-friendly action by recycling these packaging materials once again.

    Who knows? Maybe this recycled cardboard will come back to our facilities and send more cookware to their future homes.

    Besides “recycle,” we also offer another chance to use one of the Three R’s: “Reuse.” For example, the products come in Caraway fabric bags that can be repurposed in your life. They could be used to aid in tasks such as carrying laundry or carrying shoes while traveling. This is a significantly better and more environmentally conscious way to go rather than using single-use plastic bags.

    Beyond that, our cookware itself contributes to doing good for the environment, especially in comparison to other products out there. Our quality cookware is sustainably made and designed for the planet. With these eco-friendly qualities in mind, our products release up to 60% less CO2 emissions when produced compared to traditional non-stick cookware.

    You’ll rarely find a set of cookware that matches not only your every need but also your values. An environmentally friendly cookware set that’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t, seems too good to be true. And yet, here it is.

    Intentional, Beautiful Living


    The style and appearance of your pots and pans might not be the most pressing thing on your mind when looking for a cooking set, but it should be.

    We value aesthetically pleasing cookware to add to the kitchen of your dreams. Within a wide variety of color options, you can get all of the items in our Cookware Set in a color that is so lovely to look at that you’re going to want to use them all the time.

    Picking a color for your cookware can be as simple as just going with your favorite color (which, given our selection, is totally possible). For a more intentional, beautiful living, you could pair it to the style of your kitchen or even the seasons (Marigold, for instance, is such a vibrant color that truly captures the essence of springtime).

    Subtle, Neutral Designs

    You can never go wrong with the standard Cream or Gray for your cookware. The Gray resembles the color of stormy clouds and appears brighter. It also absorbs natural light, so the color never changes.

    Cream is one of our most popular colors, along with the Gray and Navy color options. These are the perfect neutral colors for those with darker cabinets or who are trying to match a modern or industrial kitchen design.

    A Bright Pop of Color

    For a splash of color that deviates from neutral, safer tones, we have plenty to choose from. For a boho kitchen, you could try out one of our own color creations called Perracotta — a stunning blend of terracotta and pink. This would pair perfectly with a set of fringe pillows on a bench and a macrame wall tapestry to complete that boho style.

    Earth Tones

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for something in between neutral and bold, bright colors, our Sage Cookware Set compliments the gold, iron, and earthy tones that can be used to curate an industrial kitchen. This color is making waves on Instagram and amongst professional interior decorators. And speaking of Instagram, if you’re still stuck on what color to go with, send us a message, and we can recommend one for you based on your design goals.

    At Caraway, we believe that kitchens can and should be just as beautiful as the food that comes out of them.

    Storage Solutions

    Our products truly contain all the qualities that you could ever want in a cooking set. And to top it all off, we’ve even taken storage into account for these sets.

    We all know that adding more items to your kitchen can sometimes be stressful, as you definitely don’t want to add clutter to your space. This is important to take into consideration if you live in a small space.

    Care and Keeping of Your Cookware

    If you’re low on space, it can be tempting to just carelessly toss your cookware into the closest cabinet in your kitchen. However, this can damage your cookware, which can reduce its lifespan and cause more of an inconvenience for you in the long run. (And, not to mention, chipped and fading cookware is not exactly beautiful.)

    When you toss cookware on top of each other haphazardly, the surfaces may rub against one other and get scratched. Although chipping our ceramic cookware won’t cause potential health risks like traditional PTFE non-stick cookware would, you still run the risk of damaging the surface and reducing its slickness. This loss of non-stick quality would mean that you’d have to toss the cookware out earlier than you would hope.

    With ceramic cookware and any non-stick cookware in general, you also need to care for them properly. One way of doing that is by cleaning them the right way, as we discussed earlier. The other way is to store them correctly.

    The Caraway Cabinet

    When in doubt, stacking cookware is fine, so long as the cookware has a barrier between each item, like a paper towel. With our cookware, we’ve made it even easier for you. Our Cookware Set comes with a complimentary and thoughtfully-crafted storage unit.

    The Magnetic Pan Rack and Canvas Lid Holder hold all the items in a convenient and easy-to-access location in a way that prevents any scratches or damage to the cookware. This storage unit is especially ideal for people who live in small spaces or who don’t want to drill holes in their cabinets.

    The Ideal Cooking Set

    It’s true that there is a lot to take into account when searching for the ideal cooking set to add to your kitchen. Ensuring that it has all the right types of pots is step one, but from there, it’s all about quality, intentionality, design, and values.


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