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    Fancy Tableware You're Probably Missing

    Fancy Tableware

    Times are changing, and “fancy tableware” looks a little different these days. We’re not talking about fine china or a high tea set; check out our modern twist!

    When someone says “fancy tableware,” people often think of fine china and a high tea set. While this may have been the appropriate thought a decade ago, times are changing.

    Today, we’ve put our own twist on “fancy tableware,” and it’s a cool, modern-industrial, highly Instagram-able twist. When we say “tableware,” we’re referring to items that are for practical as well as decorative purposes. And when we say “highly Instagram-able,” we mean tableware that would fit seamlessly into Kelly Wearstler’s kitchen aesthetic.

    Imagine elegant gray marble, navy blue cabinets (but not too navy), contemporary furnishings, etc. “Fancy” isn’t really “in” anymore; it’s all about calm, cool, and collected vibes while being highly functional and thoughtfully designed. Sometimes less is more, and when it’s done well, less is all you need. Kitchen clutter isn’t cool; what’s cool is having beautiful and functionally designed pieces that will serve you and your guests well.

    People often say that cooking is an art. If the food is the art, let your kitchen be the perfect artist’s studio. Decorating your kitchen may seem overwhelming. There are so many magazines telling you the “Dos and Don’t” of the perfect kitchen. However, creating the editorial-worthy kitchen is really rather simple: stick with a few basic but high-quality pieces and a general color scheme, and your kitchen will come together as perfectly as your latest meal.

    Dutch Oven

    The most recent trend in fashion and design is minimalism. This concept places worth on the few things we have rather than collecting meaningless pieces and dust-gathering clutter. The things we consider essential: pots, pans, plates, and linens should be the standout stars of any kitchen experience. When it comes to kitchen design, we’re all about one word: cohesion. All your wares don’t need to be the exact same color, but they need to tell the same story. A Cream Dutch Oven paired with a Sage Sauté Pan? It’s effortlessly attractive and classically beautiful while never sacrificing an ounce of purpose. Now, that's a design we can get behind.

    Without further ado, let’s get styling.

    Stoneware Dinner Plates

    There are a few factors that play into finding the perfect dinner plates — things like weight, functionality, design, colors, and how it needs to be cared for are all things to consider. What we need is homeware that looks good and feels good, right? Right.

    We’ve searched high and low and tried all of the different types of dinner plates: bone china, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, melamine, you name it, and we've tried it. After several dinner parties and many meals worth of trial runs, the verdict is in; stoneware dinner plates are tableware you’re probably missing.

    Stoneware is a type of fired ceramic dinnerware popular for its rustic and textured aesthetic. It’s more durable than earthenware, porcelain, and China because the clay is fired at a higher temperature, and glass is usually incorporated to add extra strength. The result is a sturdy finish suitable for the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. Easy to care for? Check.

    Stoneware comes in various styles, all unique in their own way because each piece is handmade. Generally, stoneware provides a patterned, earthy, and stone-like aesthetic, perfect for creating a rustic and modernistic vibe. The homemade yet polished appearance makes them highly versatile and able to be dressed up or played down, occasion-dependent.

    You spent years of dreaming of your perfect kitchen: the backsplash, the apron sink, the recessed lighting. However, there might be one crucial element that you forgot: the Tea Towel. Don’t overlook this kitchen essential. Not only can it protect your countertops and fingertips, but it also adds the perfect amount of class and a charming color splash to any kitchen. Having a quality set of Tea Towels is essential for every kitchen, but tea towels can also serve us at the dinner table. When people are hesitant to bring tea towels outside of the kitchen, it’s usually because their towels are… less than beautiful.

    Caraway Tea Towels are a vintage design with a modern approach; handwoven pattern designs on premium cotton fabric are the perfect combination to serve you and your dinner plates in all the ways you need. Avoid loud clacking sounds, protect the tabletop, and add some personality with rustic tea towels under your set of stoneware dinner plates.

    Colored Wine Stemware

    Colorful wine glasses are simply too pretty to pass up! No matter the aesthetic of your dining area, colored stemware glasses add a light and fresh pop of color while never being intrusive. Pastel and faded shades of lavender, amber smoke, fuchsia, and so many more to choose from are exactly the calm, cool, and collected vibe we’re going for.

    We love hand-blown glass pieces. Your local craft fair could be hiding your next dinner conversation starter. What a better way to populate your dining room with unique pieces than by supporting local artists? Another plus? Beautiful glassware also serves as a decoration on your shelves when not in use.

    But seriously, there’s no need to fill shelves or counter space with impractical decor when you can have a beautiful handmade set of wine glasses in an array of colors you’ve chosen yourself. Choose six of the same style for a harmonious look or have fun with it and choose six different colors for some color play.

    Pot Holder

    Not that you ever spill anything, but messes are inevitable, and when they do happen, that set of Tea Towels may come in handy again. With colors of Navy, Sage, and Perracotta, there’s definitely one to compliment your new collection of stemware. And coming in a set of three, one can be dedicated to cleanups, one dedicated to drying, and one dedicated to being on standby for whenever a crisis calls.

    Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottle Table Set

    We said we’re re-imagining “tableware” today, didn’t we? Remember to keep an open mind. When shopping for your cooking staples like olive oil and vinegar, be on the lookout for those that both taste and look beautiful.

    Using olive oil and vinegar bottles as table decor is nothing new; restaurants do it all the time. Who says we can’t bring dining “out,” “in?” Pantry staples may not be the most conventional way to add some design to your home but are an easy way to give your home that feeling of your favorite little corner bistro.

    Not all olive oils are created equal. Look for olive oil that you can reach for on both slow days and cozy nights, as well as those active days full of fire. You might even want to buy multiple olive oils so that every meal is elevated to perfection. Give special consideration to olive oils that are more than just pretty; look for UV-coated bottles that protect olive oil from damaging rays of sunshine.

    Olive oils pair well with various dishes and add a source of healthy fatto everything that graces your countertops. Add a drizzle of olive oil to soups, bread, roasted chicken, fried eggs, salads, baked goods, or even sorbet and chocolate.

    Clean Kitchen

    A quality olive oil should have a smoke point of 410° Fahrenheit, so no worries about the heat when you’re cheffing up your next creation. (Psst, Caraway pots and pans are some of the only cookware that is also completely safe up to 550° Fahrenheit without leaking and releasing chemicals. Stick with non-toxic cookware and smart olive oil to have nothing but a safe, delicious, and happy dining experience.).

    Just like olive oil, vinegar comes in a wide variety of tastes and types. Check out champagne vinegar! This category of fermented wine vinegar is a mixture of Chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. Add a dash of champagne vinegar to your best salads, seafood, cocktails, and all your summer dishes.

    No table is complete without a picture-perfect wine glass set. May we recommend some pieces of colored glass? Let your imagination run wild when building your revamped table; draw upon earthy stoneware, subdued bright colors, and rustic dressing bottles.

    It’s starting to feel rather quaint, in the loveliest way possible, isn’t it? All while being practical and multi-use - score.

    Coiled Cotton Basket

    A simple and versatile cotton rope bowl is exactly on par with what we’re going for: functional, beautiful, and timeless. This kind of bowl comes in various sizes and subtle design variations; these baskets are each embellished from a range of earthy and natural colors. (Earthy and natural? Perfect to match our stoneware dinner plates.).

    Considering their functionality, there isn’t much these bowls can’t be used for. A fruit basket, bread bowl, or towel holder, these elegant yet sturdy baskets can be whatever you make of them. An off-cream design with a green stripe design is more than well-suited to Caraway’s Sage and Perracotta Tea Towels, just saying.

    Hopefully, by now, it’s clear what we mean by “reimagining tableware.” Timeless, versatile, and minimalist pieces can serve essential functions, blend in or stand out, and add a pop of color wherever need be. Our take on tableware isn’t “stuff” that will clutter your kitchen; these pieces are thoughtfully designed, beautifully constructed, and household-safe by every measure.

    Caraway Sauté Pan and Pot Holders

    Hear us out - with cookware this good looking, it’s a pleasure to have out on the table.

    Saute Pan

    When a pan looks as calm, cool, and collected as a Caraway Sauté Pan does, it becomes the ideal vessel for both cooking and serving. This ceramic-coated cookware piece comes in modern colors of Cream, Gray, Perracotta, Sage, and Navy. Paired with stainless steel handles, it’s the perfect use of color without screaming for attention.

    This Sauté Pan is oven safe for temperatures up to 550° Fahrenheit and is has a non-toxic coating, meaning it won’t or release chemicals. In other words, you can sauté your vegetables on the stovetop, add a sprinkle of breadcrumbs on top, and pop the whole pan into the oven to broil. Then, with a Caraway Pot Holder waiting on the table and Caraway Oven Mitts on your hands, simply remove the pan and bring it right to the table - dinner is served! It’s all about presentation, and something about serving dishes straight from the pot or pan just feels fancy and is a whole lot of fun.

    Oven Mitts

    We promised all our recommended tableware would be easy to care for, and these items are no exception. Featuring a ceramic-coated interior, this non-stick pan makes both cooking and cleaning easier than ever. Surprisingly slick, a rinse under warm, soapy water along with a gentle scrub is usually all it takes to get this pan back to spotless. And for the Oven Mitts and Pot Holders? Of course, they’re machine washable, and every wash only enhances their softness, meaning they stay feeling as fluffy as a pillow never become crusty. Woo!

    A New Twist on Tableware

    Considering we’re in the era of minimalism, all the time we spend at home, and the rising popularity of contemporary kitchen design, our new take on tableware just makes sense.

    Having visually appealing tableware is important - don’t get us wrong - but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Things like storage, organization, and multi-use functions are all part of the equation too. Find tableware that works for you and just as hard as you do. Accumulate homeware that lives up to ideals as well as real life. With pieces like these, you’ll save cupboard space, counter space, and peace of mind knowing you have exactly what you need.


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