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    How To Pack Pots and Pans: 3 Ways To Protect Your Ceramics

    how to pack

    Looking for ways to keep your cookware in top shape? Read on to learn the best techniques for packing and protecting your pots and pans.

    Whether you’re moving to a new place, packing some cookware into storage, or organizing your kitchen counters, you’ll want to do so in a careful way. With pots and pans, it can be a bit difficult to pack given their awkward shapes, but taking the time to do so properly can prevent damage to the cookware.

    Looking for some tips on how to pack your pots and pans?

    Read on for three ways to protect your ceramics.

    Why Should You Pack Pots and Pans?

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    Pots and pans do present quite a challenge when packing them away. Even if you can find a way for them to fit comfortably, you also have to consider if the organizational method might cause unintentional damage to the cookware.

    You’re probably familiar with the ways that most people stack their pots and pans in their cabinets. This disheveled storage method might seem like the best and most convenient option, but it actually does a lot of harm to the cookware, just like what happens when you pack them carelessly too.

    Chipping Can Lead To Ingesting Chemicals

    In both these situations, the cookware is rubbing against one another, which can over time chip away at the material and reduce the quality of the pots and pans, especially for those that are non-stick.

    A notable threat with some non-stick cookware involves the health hazards behind chipping. Non-stick pans coated with toxic chemicals like PTE, PFOA, and PFAs can release forever chemicals into your body in an unexpected way. When these pans chip, the toxic chemicals can flake into your food and end up in your meal.

    The Safer Option

    Non-stick cookware usually has some sort of coating on it to give it that frictionless surface. Our cookware, for example, comes with a ceramic coating which creates the naturally slick cooking surface that we know and love.

    A major difference between the pots and pans at Caraway and traditional non-stick cookware is that the coating for the latter is typically made with chemicals that can result in health conditions if ingested. With our cookware, the ceramic coating poses no health hazards. It is completely non-toxic and free of any PTFE, PFOA, and PFAS.

    But no matter what non-stick cookware you get, you’ll want to take good care of it so that it doesn’t lose its non-stick ability.

    How Do You Pack Pots and Pans When Moving?

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    Due to the range of sizes of pots and pans, a box is usually the best way to go. To play it safe, it’s useful to reinforce the cardboards and strengthen them with tape. This can help prevent the box from collapsing from the weight.

    Before placing the pots and pans inside, you can also line the bottom with newspaper or bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will reduce the amount that your cookware shifts around in the box while they are being transported.

    From there, it’s a matter of placement and preparation.

    With more fragile cookware such as glass, extra protection would be required, which is where more bubble wrap would come in handy, especially with pots and pans with glass lids. Ultimately, packing your pots and pans is a simple process that just requires some strategic thinking in order to keep them all in tip-top shape.

    Read on as we highlight three ways to protect your ceramics:

    Wrap Them and Stack Them

    Like we mentioned earlier, pots and pans can easily rub against each other and result in damage to the non-stick coating. Because of this, it’s good to have an additional layer between their surfaces, especially since they will be in close corners.

    To do this, all you need is some newspaper or bubble wrap. Wrap each item up in whichever one you choose, and then nest them inside one another. The small ones should be placed into the larger ones. This way, you not only protect your cookware but also save some space in your box.

    When doing this, make sure you separate the lids from the pans and pack them separately. Having the lids on top of each item makes the stacking process impossible, and having them separated out helps to protect all of the cookware.

    While these packing instructions are generally considered to be safe, stackable pots and pans tend not to be the best long-term items. These items are easily damaged. While you can help protect them when moving homes or traveling, practical everyday storage solutions are still out of reach.

    Utilize Storage Units

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    If you’re a proud owner of our Cookware Set, however, you’re in luck. The set comes with a free Magnetic Pan Racks for easy and convenient storage of all four cookware items. But you can also put it to use when packing the pots and pans.

    The storage unit holds the cookware in a way that keeps them tucked in one place but also ensures that they are not coming in contact with one another. This not only prevents potential chipping and damage to the material, but it also helps you get around the issue of the cookware not fitting perfectly inside one another. After placing them into the storage unit, you can place them into the box with some bubble wrap surrounding it for optimal safety.

    The set also comes with a free Canvas Lid Holder, which can hold the lids of all four of the pots and pans. This can operate the same way that the newspaper or bubble wrap would. Simply place the lids inside the holder, place them in the box, and you’re good to go!

    Fill the Space

    If you’re running low on newspaper or bubble wrap, that might actually work out better for you.

    It’s best to fill up as much space as possible when packing the box. Not only does that create more cushioning for your cookware and less of a chance for it to shift around when transported, but it also allows you to fit more kitchen items into storage.

    After placing the pots and pans into the box, start filling any loose gaps with soft kitchen items such as your Linens Set until the cookware is completely secure in the box.

    While doing this step, also be careful not to overpack the box, as that could cause the cardboard to break. To avoid this, stick to packing small and lightweight items in the box.

    The Fewer Cookware, the Better

    We believe in creating a minimalist lifestyle that can make your life a whole lot easier. Because of this, we whittled down our cooking kitchen necessities into just four versatile items.

    The Sauce Pan, Fry Pan, Sauté Pan, and Dutch Oven in our Cookware Set can handle anything your recipe book might throw at them. And with their ceramic coating, they have a natural slick and non-stick surface free of toxins and chemicals.

    As an added bonus, our cookware comes in a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, including Cream, Navy, Sage, Gray, Perracotta, Marigold, and, as a holiday exclusive, Brick Red. So not only are you rocking a minimalist kitchen, but also a beautiful, eye-catching aesthetic.

    Packing Hacks

    Packing doesn’t have to be a difficult and anxiety-inducing process. With some intentional planning, packing your pots and pans can be a breeze. With these tips, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently pack away your cookware, all; while protecting your favorite ceramics.

    Sources: This Is How You're Ruining Your Frying Pans | Mashed Using and Caring for Nonstick Pans | The Spruce How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pots And Pans | Mashed

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