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    How To Measure Frying Pan Size: What Size Is Your Skillet?

    How to Measure frying pan hero image

    Knowing how to measure your Frying Pan is essential to stock your kitchen. Measure your Frying Pan here and integrate your kitchen tomorrow.

    Just like how you need to take your body’s measurements before buying new clothes, it’s always a good idea to know how to measure your Frying Pans.

    Knowing the size of your pan can prove to be very useful for a number of reasons. Want to learn more about the size of your skillet? We have all the information on how to measure your Frying Pan here.

    What Is a Frying Pan?

    A Frying Pan, also known as a skillet, is a flat-bottomed pan that is often used for cooking tasks, including frying, searing, and browning foods.

    This cookware comes in a variety of sizes and with all sorts of features. Some larger pans come with a smaller handle across from the longer main handle, while others may be made without the additional handle.

    It can be very easy to confuse this cookware with its relatives; but, not all pans are the same. One pan that often gets mistaken for a Frying Pan is a Sauté Pan. Though similar in dimensions, Sauté Pans are less flared at the edges and have more vertical sides than a Frying Pan, not to mention that they usually come with lids.

    Another reason why these pans get conflated is that Sauté Pans are often used in place of Frying Pans when cooking. It’s true that Sauté Pans can be used for cooking tasks that would be done using a Frying Pan. However, Sauté Pans are specifically designated for lower-heat cooking methods such as sauteing.

    How To Measure Frying Pan Size

    Measuring a Frying Pan may seem to call back high school Geometry class. The first step is to utilize a tape measure to get the dimensions, but do you measure the bottom of the pan or the top? If you try out both, you’ll see that both measurements come out differently, yet Frying Pan descriptions only give you one number.

    So how do you go about measuring a Frying Pan? The process is actually fairly simple. To get the measurements, simply place the Frying Pan right side up on a flat surface. Then, stretch the tape measure across the center from one top side to the other. The number that you see is the correct measurement.

    set (6)

    Why Measure It?

    Knowing the dimensions of your Frying Pan is extremely important, both before buying it or afterward. Most of the time, the brand provides information on the same and weight of the Frying Pan, as is the case with our cookware.

    But if you don’t check beforehand or can’t find the measurements in the description, you’ll have to measure it yourself. Being aware of these dimensions can help you while you’re cooking as well as when you’re finishing up the kitchen.

    Here, we highlight why you should measure your Frying Pan.

    Perfect Pan for the Perfect Dish

    Our Fry Pan is 10.5 inches, weighs 2.8 lbs, and can hold up to 2.7 quarts. Whether you’re about to dive into a new recipe or review an old one, this is invaluable information.

    Consider this: you’re making a dish for a dinner party and need to double the recipe. Having a Fry Pan that can accommodate more food is needed at the moment. You can’t accurately gauge whether the cookware is equipped for that without the dimensions.

    So if you proactively pick out a cookware tool that is the best size for the recipe, the greater chance you have for culinary success.

    Space and Storage

    Knowing the size of your Frying Pan can, of course, also help you figure out where and how you should store it. If you have multiple large pans and a small kitchen cabinet, you most likely won’t be able to store them comfortably in there.

    Ideally, you should figure out the dimensions of your Frying Pan before you buy one, as that can help with figuring out the storage. Alternatively, measuring them after they’re purchased can also aid in determining the location they can reside in.

    As we mentioned earlier, we include the measurements of our Fry Pan and all our other products. However, we’ve made it so that you don’t have to stress about matching the cookware dimensions up with your cabinet space.

    Our Cookware Set comes with two free storage units. The Magnetic Pan Rack and the Canvas Lid Holder perfectly hold all four items in the set in a way that is convenient and easy to access. The storage is huge, and it’s especially great if you’re living in a small apartment or don’t want to drill holes into cabinets to accommodate the cookware. Organization and storage are a piece of cake with these units.

    Replacing Old Pans

    We’ve all had those favorite kitchen items that we just can’t depart with. If it starts to stop working or loses its ability to function, it may be time to throw it out. In those instances, you’ll probably want to find one that matches the one you had as much as possible.

    To do that, your best bet would be to take note of the pan’s qualities, as well as get the dimensions of it. You wouldn’t want to get a similar pan but later find out that it’s smaller or larger than you had hoped. That would cause issues in terms of cooking space on your stovetop and issues with storing the new cookware in your kitchen cabinets.

    frypan22 1024x1024

    What Size Is Your Skillet?

    Measuring your skillet is more than just about knowing the size of your skillet. It’s the first step into being able to create the kitchen of your dreams.

    As we mentioned earlier, having the dimensions of your Frying Pan helps to determine whether it can fit in your kitchen cabinet. This allows you to be intentional about your space and decrease the potential for clutter. From there, you can begin exploring creative ways to spruce up your kitchen and the cookware in it.

    At Caraway, we make sure all of our cookware fits a healthy, intentional aesthetic. We use only a nonstick ceramic material and create cookware that fits in your cabinets just as easily as they fit in your life.

    All products are extremely versatile, so you don’t need to worry about buying several different types of cookware. In fact, we’ve whittled down what you would expect to be a 16 piece set into just four pieces: a Fry Pan, and Sauté Pan, a Sauce Pan, and a Dutch Oven.

    On top of that, they all come in a variety of beautiful colors. With the winter season right around the corner, perhaps our exclusive Brick Red would be an eye-catcher during holiday parties.

    Alternatively, you could even get this set in cooler tones such as Sage or Navy or brighter colors such as Marigold or Perracotta. Or, if you’re looking for something simple, you can never go wrong with Gray or Cream colored cookware. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve cooked up just the thing.

    Measuring Is the Key To a Minimalist Life

    Believe it or not, measuring your Frying Pan and other cookware is the key to embracing a minimalist lifestyle and the kitchen look of your dreams.

    Knowing how to do this one simple step can prevent you from needing to replace your cookware all the time. It can also reduce congestion in your kitchen and pave the way for an easy cooking experience and a clutter-free home.


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