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    Introducing The Caraway Home Bakeware Collection

    Introducing The Caraway Home Bakeware Collection

    A collection over two years in the making is here… introducing the Caraway Bakeware Set. An innovative (and much needed) upgrade to traditional bakeware on the market, featuring a 100% non-toxic ceramic surface and cabinet organizers, available in 5 modern shades.

    In November 2019, we launched Caraway Home with a mission to create cookware that is safe-to-use, easy-to-use, and looks great on your stovetop.

    Today, our best-selling Cookware Set boasts over 18,000 5-star reviews (and counting) and has helped make hundreds of thousands of your homes safer around the world. While we know we still have a long way to go to building a 100% non-toxic kitchen, we are proud to offer a Cookware Set that is free of any harmful toxins, made with natural ceramic, and shipped to you directly in our recycled cardboard packaging with zero single use plastics.

    While we started with cookware, our goal has always been to extend our mission to the whole home. Today, we are excited to take another step towards our mission with our launch of The Bakeware Collection.

    The Caraway Home Bakeware Collection

    Bakeware Designed to Be Safe

    Since we started Caraway Home, we always knew that bakeware – one of the largest categories in the kitchen – was going to be one of the biggest ways for us to have an impact on the environment and health of our Caraway family.

    Similar to cookware, the bakeware category today is littered with toxic materials. Why? Because it's cheaper to manufacture.

    The majority of bakeware in the market is made with PTFE (Teflon®), while many use raw exposed aluminum that can leach directly into your food. For those of you who don’t know, when PTFE (Teflon®) is overheated, it breaks down and releases toxic chemicals into your food. Believe it or not, it takes only 2.5 minutes on a burner or oven to become overheated.

    We are proud to change the narrative by offering the first ever 100% non-toxic ceramic coated Bakeware. Did we mention it’s incredibly non-stick too?

    The Caraway Home Bakeware Collection

    Bakeware Designed to Be Displayed

    Design has always been a core part of our mission. Early in the development process we noticed a lack of thoughtful design and high-end options on the market. The category is a sea of industrial looking gray or black metal sheets that warp and end up in landfills after 6 months of use, leaving us with no choice but to hide their bakeware deep in their cabinets.

    Well, it’s time to leave the days of drab bakeware behind! Our Bakeware Collection features 5 modern shades, all designed to serve looks in your kitchen. Between Cream, Gray, Navy, Perracotta, and our newest shade (!), Slate, we’ve designed bakeware that’ll look good in every and any kind of kitchen.

    The Caraway Home Bakeware Collection

    With our launch of bakeware, we hope Caraway encourages you to add some color into your ovens and be proud to display bakeware on your countertop. After all, bakeware is just cookware for the oven! We know you’ll be as excited to show them off as we are.

    Bakeware Designed to be Organized

    How do we design products for real life? Here at Caraway, we always ask ourselves this question in order to challenge ourselves to rethink broken categories and create solutions with you in mind.

    An early email survey we sent out showed us just what we suspected – when it comes to storing bakeware, we’re all a hot mess. Some examples of our customer’s scary cabinets:

    Scary cabinets

    Thanks to the varying array of circles, squares, rectangles and... trapezoids(?) designed by previous generations, Bakeware storage has never been more challenging. We find ourselves locked into a measurement system for baking that can’t be changed… until today!

    The highlight of our bakeware launch is the introduction of the first ever Bakeware Set that includes a storage solution. Our bakeware caddies fit the deep cabinets in your kitchen to keep your bakeware at the ready and easily accessible, or provide the flexibility to display them on your countertop in an organized fashion.

    The Caraway Home Bakeware Collection

    We are beyond excited to finally announce the launch of the Bakeware Collection and our next step as a brand into making a colorful and non-toxic home accessible for all.

    To shop our new collection of bakeware essentials, click here. Happy baking, from the Caraway team to you!

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