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In The Kitchen With Samantha Klein Of Samswhurld

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We sat down with Samantha Klein of @samswhurld to 1) absorb her infectious, joyful approach to interior decorating, and 2) get the 411 on where her brilliance comes from and what inspires her.

Whoever told you unicorns, rainbows, and magic don’t exist, has obviously never entered Samantha Klein’s home.

As a digital content creator with an eye for interior decorating, Samantha — the mystical mind behind @samswhurld — knows how to strike the perfect balance between maximalism and minimalism. With dedication, fervor, and colorful vision, Samantha manages to hunt down specific pieces that are tried and true to her playful aesthetic without compromising utility.

Tour The Kitchen

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    Credit: Samantha Klein

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    Credit: Samantha Klein

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    Credit: Samantha Klein

  • ITKW Sam Klien

    Credit: Samantha Klein




How do you each describe the aesthetic of your home decor?

I have always been so drawn to soft pastels and how cozy and comfortable they feel. I let that spill out into our home. Pastel cozy vibes always!

How has your aesthetic changed over the years? Has it gotten more defined or more expansive?

I’ve always had lots of color and kitsch in my space, but my decor is constantly shifting and changing. Currently, I’m in a place where I’ve been purging a lot of crap in favor of a more minimalist feel. Okay, maybe not minimalist as you know it. But only having like 5 things on a shelf instead of 15 is a start for me!

When it comes to home decor, what is your philosophy on color?

The room I designed most recently (my dining room), I made sure to keep the walls and large pieces of furniture white so I could add in as many accent pieces, flowers, and candles in all the colors I love. Currently, this room is my favorite so I’m happy with that color scheme, but realistically, I don’t believe in many rules on color. I think if you like it, that’s all that matters!

What are some of your simplest curation tips? How can other people design a home that is as creative and interesting as yours?

I definitely think the best tip is to go to as many inexpensive thrift stores and estate sales, and buy what brings you joy. Accept that what brings you joy may shift and that you’ll likely let it go at some point to make way for something that makes you even happier!

What’s your favorite piece in your home right now?

That’s almost impossible for me! I think maybe my full-length rainbow mirror in my dining room.

What do you think about the design of your kitchen compared to other spaces?

I love my kitchen design so much, and it came together even better than what I had imagined. It has really helped dictate the vibe in the rest of the house since then, especially the dining room. My husband and I completely changed the dining room as soon as the kitchen was done because it just didn’t feel as seamless enough. Now, it’s definitely my favorite part of our home.

In terms of design and aesthetics, what do you like about your Caraway Cookware Set

I love how it all matches and how sturdy it is.

What about your Caraway Bakeware Set? What do you love about it?

I love how it all fits together perfectly! Honestly just threw away so many odds and ends that I’ve had for way too long in favor of this pretty and totally complete set.

What do you like about the Cream color for your cookware and bakeware?

As someone who loves color, I love keeping as many pieces neutral as I can so my colorful choices are more impactful.

Not to be too basic, but… what do you love about baking?

Getting lost, zoning out, and creating something delicious — all at once.

Icing On The Cake

  • Cupcakes or cakes: Cakes.
  • Favorite dessert to make: Cookies!
  • Favorite dessert to eat: Anything doughy with fruit and sugar.
  • Most overrated baked good: Probably a cupcake.
  • Favorite baked good smell: Pretzels.
  • Aprons – yay, nay, or with caveats: Only for the messiest of foods or full days of cooking. (of which I have few, ha!)
  • Caraway Bakeware – countertop or cabinet: Cabinet.
  • Caraway Cookware – countertop or cabinet: Countertop.
  • Favorite kitchen memory: We just had our kitchen redone last December so I'd have to say installing appliances on Christmas Eve and making dinner on Christmas.
  • Favorite cooking-related content or show: MasterChef Junior.
  • All bake sale profits should go to: Trans Women of Color Collective.
  • Favorite decade: I can't pick! My decor and wardrobe span the 1950's-1990's!
  • Favorite Pie: Peach.

For more design inspo head to @samswhurld and shop our Cream Cookware and Bakeware Sets today!

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