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    In The Kitchen With Lindye Galloway

    ITKW Lindye Hero image

    Now is your chance to go In The Kitchen With Lindye Galloway. Learn everything from her expert interior design tips to who really does the cooking in her gorgeous SoCal home.

    Lindye Galloway is the SoCal designer behind her own luxury interior design studio and curated online home shop. Not only has she manifested a dream career, but also everything she touches turns to gold (including her Caraway White Iconics set).

    Tell us about your studio! How long have you been up and running, and what got you started in interior decorating?

    I started my interior design firm 7 years ago! It’s wild to look back at my journey so far. My love for interior design really grew when we bought our second home that needed a dramatic remodel. I remember going to make design decisions with my one-month-old strapped to me in the Ergo! As we remodeled, I posted the process to Instagram, and it gained traction. I suddenly had people reaching out to hire me to design their full-scale projects, and so the design studio was born!

    How would you define your design aesthetic?

    My design aesthetic is warm, livable and thoughtful.

    We hear you’ve got a home renovation in the works. What’s happening?

    We do! We bought a lot in Newport Beach 2 years ago and the build is so close to complete! We are doing a Spanish Modern style and I can’t wait to move in and reveal it all!

    As an interior designer, you’re likely often advising others. Do you find it more cathartic or stressful to instead design your own space?

    Can I choose both?! In the beginning, it was a little overwhelming to hone in on what I wanted my home’s style to be. I am drawn to so many styles, and our firm has become known for curating different styles with a custom approach. So, I found it hard to actually decide on my own home! But in the end, once I narrowed it to Spanish Modern, the rest of the design flowed in a cathartic way!

    What are three recommendations you would give to someone who is renovating their kitchen?

    1) Think design meets life! Your kitchen is the most used space so it’s just as important that it feels livable as long as being stylish. And there are so many creative ways to organize the inside of your kitchen cabinets (I’m addicted to The Home Edit!). 2) Choose one to two moments to go outside the box. It could be the lighting or cabinet style. Use these items as ways to express your personal style without fear, knowing you’re making your own mark beyond those Pinterest images you’ve been inspired by. 3) Design with entertaining in mind. What do you want people to experience when they visit? How do you host? Consider elements that you want to incorporate to bring that vision to life!

    What’s the cooking cadence like at your home? Who does what? What do you and your family love to eat?

    My husband is the cook in our house and I am the aesthetic director! Yes, it’s a self-proclaimed title. He makes the delicious meals and I make sure the settling is beautiful. One of our favorite meals to cook is salmon with rice and asparagus on the side. So good!

    What elements make a house a home?

    Elements that make a home even go beyond the initial look of the home. It goes deep into how you use the home to make it livable and comfortable. When you think about coming home from a long day of work or kids’ sports, there is something calming about pulling out your favorite items to cook and enjoy the evening. Dream with me…. You grab your favorite wine glass from the cabinet and pour your most delicious wine. As you sip, the ingredients for your meal are placed on your countertop for preparing. Your new playlist is humming in the background as you begin to cook, with your Caraway cookware of course. It’s all the fixings for a lovely night that was met with pretty aesthetics and a delicious dinner.

    What do you think is special about your Caraway White Iconics set?

    Let’s start with aesthetics. The white tone with the gold touch is everything. It makes it a set that can seamlessly fit any style. And per my husband, cooking with them has never been easier! The quality is next level.

    How do you help clients pick kitchen accessories that match their overall home motif?

    We want everything in a kitchen to feel complimentary, so accessories are a top finishing touch! We love adding items that have character and a pop, like those Caraway gold touches!

    When designing a home, wow do you balance your own personal tastes with those of the person you’re helping?

    We are lucky to have clients that completely trust our vision and give us creative freedom. We discover what they are drawn to and then dream up the style and thread our brand style throughout it.

    What are the key considerations you have when deciding how to design someone else’s space?

    How they will use the home! We always want to pair life with elevated design.

    Cook With Lindye

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    Rapid Fire

    • The best thing you’ll find in my kitchen is… My Caraway pot on my range at all times!
    • Go-to drink while cooking? A Sauvignon Blanc
    • My favorite meal to come home to is… Salmon or Homemade Pizza!
    • When I don’t have the energy to cook, I instead… Ask my husband to cook for me! And if we’re both drained, we door dash our favorite restaurants.
    • One thing you’ll always find in my pantry: Gluten Free pasta
    • My family would say I’m _____ at cooking. I’m full of talents but not great at cooking.
    • Pick one: Gold, silver, bronze, or other (please specify.) Gold! 100%
    • The song that gets me into the creative flow is… Anything Taylor Swift. I’m a forever fan.
    • Caraway — cabinets or countertops? Both! I love to display the pot on my range every day and then put the rest in the organizers in my cabinets for safe keeping.
    • People need more _____ in their lives: Intentional meals

    For more insporation head to @lindyegalloway and shop our Iconics Collection today!

    Shop The Iconics Collection

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