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    In The Kitchen With Dini Klein of @prepandrally

    ITKW Dini Klein Hero image

    What do Caraway Food Storage and Dini Klein of @prepandrally have in common? They've both found out how to make meal prep and leftovers fun, convenient, and oh, incredibly chic.

    Sit down with us as we step into @prepandrally's swoon-worthy kitchen and talk all things leftovers, meal prep, and personal style.

    ITKW Dini Klein Image 1

    How do you describe your overall kitchen design style and aesthetic?

    Neutral, rustic, vintage elements, mixed materials like stone and wood.

    What did you learn from being a Private Chef that you’ve been able to translate into your day-to-day as a full time business owner, influencer, and mother?

    Time management and organization. If you don't go into the day with a game plan your job will take way longer and be more difficult and inefficient. It's all about mapping out a plan to truly maximize!

    What are the most common problems people face when trying to get themselves (and their meal prep) organized?

    People get overwhelmed by the amount you need to prep on Sunday but I always say it's YOUR meal plan. Bang it out whenever you want, as the week goes on, half on Sunday and half on Wednesday etc. make it your own. Even prepping 2-3 staples for the week is helpful! Do what works for YOU.

    What three pieces of advice that you would give to someone looking to start their meal prep journey?

    1) Make a plan. Go into the week with a game plan and read through the full prep before you start.

    2) Do what works for you! There's no cheating here. Buy two rotisserie chickens if you need to save more time. Go for pre-chopped produce or prepared dressing if you need. It's all about making it work for you in that moment since every week differs. Start slow and build up from there.

    3) Have fun! Prep together with your friend, kids, or spouse. Get your crew involved so everyone's excited for the meals that week and so that you're not prepping alone. Grab a glass of wine, crank up the tunes and make it a fun experience!

    What are major considerations when trying to get organized in the kitchen?

    Good storage bins and labels are a must! I also always try and reduce clutter first. Go through and throw away anything you don't use or need.

    You’re one of the first people ever to try our new Food Storage Set! What are your initial thoughts?

    I love the quality, classic Caraway colors and the overall design. Obsessed with how they store so beautifully.

    You own the Food Storage in Cream. How does this color enhance your kitchen aesthetic?

    I'm all about the neutrals so this was a great complement to my neutral kitchen. Fits the vibe perfectly.

    We know you have the Cookware Set in Cream as well. What’s your favorite pan of the Cookware Set? What’s your go-to meal to make in it?

    I love the Sauté Pan. We make pancakes almost daily and eggs all the time!

    What makes the perfect at-home meal?

    Simple herb roasted chicken with vegetables and rice. It's always a full family crowd pleaser and a comfort food that healthy and nutritious! And the leftovers make great future meals.

    How do you keep your kitchen organized when you have children around to potentially disrupt that organization?

    Labeled bins! Even if the bins get a bit chaotic at time at least everything is contained in a bin and is able to be returned to an organized state easily.

    Kitchenware as a gift – yay or nay? Explain your answer.

    Yes! Everyone can always use more. I love a useful gift!

    If you answered yay to the above, what Caraway item would you gift this holiday season and why?

    Food Storage. It's on brand for me to gift something of that nature and makes a beautiful and useful gift for anyone.

    What’s your most favorite piece in your kitchen?

    A good Baking Sheet! I love the Caraway Baking Sheet so much! I use it daily.

    Step Into The Kitchen

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    Turning Up The Heat

    • Favorite food item in your pantry: Chocolate.
    • Dream dinner guest: Giada De Laurentiis
    • Your kids' favorite at-home meal: One pot Mac & Cheese from the Prep + Rally cookbook.
    • Your favorite at-home meal: Roasted veggie loaded tacos.
    • Kitchen gadget you can't live without: Immersion blender.
    • Go-to snack as a mom on the go: Individual olive packs.
    • Worst kitchen bargain: Instant pot.
    • Finish the sentence – You know it's time to upgrade your Food Storage when... The old lids are scratched up and melted!
    • Favorite holiday memory at home: Surprising the kids with plane tickets to see their grandparents over Chanukah!
    • Product you want Caraway to launch next: Serveware.

    For more design inspo head to @prepandrally and shop our Cream Food Storage and Cookware today!

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