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    In the Kitchen with Cynthia Moreno of Hot Pink Pineapples

    Hot Pink Pineapples

    We sat down with Cynthia Moreno of @HotPinkPineapples to talk all things design. While walking us through her space, she shares her expertise on thoughtful living, upgrading rentals, and why Marigold is her favorite Caraway color.

    If you walk into a room and are immediately able to take a deep inhale and exhale, there’s a good chance Cynthia Moreno designed it.

    As an LA-based set designer, interior decorator, and brilliant mind behind the aesthetically-intoxicating @HotPinkPineapples Instagram account, Cynthia (who likes to be called Cyn) combines her love of minimalism with a true eye for color. The result? A look and feel that will make you feel like you’re vacationing in Palm Springs all year long.

    Tour Cyn's Kitchen

    • Cyn's Kitchen

      Credit: Cynthia Moreno

    • Cyn's Kitchen

      Credit: Cynthia Moreno

    • Cyn's Kitchen

      Credit: Cynthia Moreno

    • Cyn's Kitchen

      Credit: Cynthia Moreno

    • Cyn's Kitchen

      Credit: Cynthia Moreno

    • Cyn's Kitchen

      Credit: Cynthia Moreno




    In the spirit of our Limited Edition Marigold Collection, we sat down with Cyn for some inspiration on how to make any home (rental or owned) truly glow.

    How do you describe your overall design style and aesthetic?
    Organic Modern with a touch of Post-Modern

    What did you learn from set design + decorating that you’ve been able to translate into home decor?
    As a set decorator I am always designing for non-permanent spaces. Most [items] are put up and then taken down quite quickly so they need to be as affordable and non-permanent as possible. I have been able to translate those same ideas into my rental space. Rental spaces are tricky because you want them to feel like your aesthetic but obviously you can’t make any permanent renovations.

    What are the most common things people are looking for when they come to you for help?
    Inexpensive DIYs. People will often send me images of their rental spaces and ask what DIY can they do that isn’t too expensive and easily removable if they ever move.

    What are three pieces of design advice you would give to someone moving into their very first home?
    Start with one space at a time. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed if you try to take on too much. Start with the easiest, smallest space first.

    Make a budget. This really helps manage your time and options when you're shopping so you’re not wasting time researching something you can’t afford.

    Start a design board. This will help you organize the look and feel you want your home to have while also keeping things cohesive as you design from one room to another.

    What are your three pet peeves when it comes to the layout of a kitchen?
    Number one is little to no counter space! Our kitchen has very little counter space and it drives me nuts. I have to prioritize what will take up precious counter real estate.

    Second would be bad design as far as maintenance and cleaning. For example, tile countertops with white grout. It’s quite a challenge trying to keep them clean when food spills etc.

    Third would be cabinets that only open when another cabinet is closed or when they open they hit another cabinet.

    What do you think renters could do more of that they think is reserved for homeowners?
    Changing fixtures. Light fixtures in particular make the biggest difference in a home and I think most renters think they are stuck with what they have. But the best part of fixtures is you can take them with you if you ever move.

    What are major considerations when designing a kitchen or dining space?
    For me, it is function. I love beautifully designed spaces, but they have to be functional as well. Also, if you love to cook like me you know that nothing brings a cook more joy than when a kitchen works — when all your drawers open easily and your spices are organized and easy to reach, etc.

    Also, I am a big fan of having some open shelving. I love having a place where I can display a bit of my favorite dishware, which adds a little decor and texture to my kitchen.

    Where does your Marigold Caraway set live in your home?
    It lives nicely organized under my kitchen stove.

    Broadly speaking, what are your thoughts on the color yellow?
    It’s sunny and fun.

    How does the design of a space change when you start sharing it with a significant other?
    It definitely becomes more of a conversation because you now have to talk it through with your partner. Depending on your finances and how important design, beauty, and function are to each of you, it can be an easy/quick process or it can be more involved. No matter what, I think you can find a balance and with a little research you can find nice stuff that’s not too pricey.

    What’s your most favorite piece in your house?
    I really love our Burl Wood Bar Cabinet. We made it this year and it turned out really nice.

    Turning Up The Heat

    • Favorite Food Item In Your Pantry: Lily's Chocolate
    • Dream Dinner Guest: Dolly Parton
    • Favorite Dish To Make When Entertaining: Ropa Vejia (it's a Cuban Dish)
    • Most Notorious DIY Projects You've Done In Your Home: Sticky floor tiles in our kitchen and bathroom
    • Space Where Most DIY Can Take Place: Bathrooms
    • Worst Bargain: Two-in-one shampoo. Lol!
    • Favorite Kitchen Accessory: Really nice, sharp chopping knives
    • Favorite Kitchen Memory: When I was a kid our pipes busted, and my mom let us play in the water.
    • Caraway Cookware-Countertop or Cabinet: Cabinet

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