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    In The Kitchen With Amber Vittoria

    ITKW Amber Vittoria Hero

    Amber Vittoria of @amber_vittoria, an artist and poet living in New York City, is the design eye behind our newest collaboration – The Artist Capsule. Amber shares where she finds her inspiration and how she applied her artistic vision to our high-design cookware.

    Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

    My name is Amber Vittoria, and I’m an artist and poet living/working in NYC! My work consists of colorful abstract paintings and short, impactful poetry that aims to celebrate the nuances of womanhood.

    How did you become an artist?

    I’ve always loved frantically scribbling in coloring books; my parents took notice of my love for creating and encouraged me to continue down the path of becoming an artist!

    How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

    Minimal with swashes of color.

    You designed the newest collection! Can you tell us about your process? What drew you to pink and turquoise?

    I’m SO excited for this collection. I feel both colorways are the “swashes of color” a more minimalist kitchen can admire, as well as a one packed with color and pattern. Both colors speak to my love of both the warm and cool tones within my work.

    What do you like about copper hardware? How did you choose to design it that way?

    Copper is such a compliment to both palettes; it has a nice nostalgia to it, which is also a nod to my paintings and poems.

    Where do you find design inspiration?

    Most of my inspiration comes from the palettes within nature, as well as lived experiences of the women closest to me in my life.

    How did you get into making NFTs? What has your experience been like?

    Selling my work as NFTs has been such a life-changing experience; the ability to sell my work as fine-art, to have provenance over my own work, and to see my work be collected by the most incredible people, has been such a reward.

    What would you recommend to non-artists about designing their home spaces?

    Collect what brings you the most joy, and you can never go wrong!

    Unbox With Amber

    • ITKW Amber 1

      The turquoise and pink Caraway Home Cookware Set boxes

    • ITKW amber image 2

      An aerial view of the pink Caraway Home Cookware Set in its box

    • ITKW amber image 3

      The turquoise Caraway Home Cookware set unboxing

    • ITKW amber image 4

      A woman sitting down and smiling while holding post cards

    • ITKW amber image 7

      Copper handles on pink and turquoise stove pans

    • ITKW amber image 5

      A woman holding a turquoise dutch oven

    • ITKW amber image 6

      Pink pots, pans, and lids in their storage cabinet

    • ITKW amber image 8

      A woman organizing pink pots and pans in their storage container

    • ITKW amber image 9

      Pink and turquoise pots and pans on a stove top




    Rapid Fire

    • Crayon you wish existed: One that never ends or needs sharpening!
    • Artist you’ve always looked up to: Dana Frankfort, who is one of my former drawing/painting professors.
    • Favorite time of day to make art: It changes, but recently evenings.
    • When you need to feel creative you… Go for a walk!
    • Your friends would describe you as… Definitely talkative.
    • Favorite kitchen from a movie/TV show: Monica’s kitchen from Friends - if only NYC kitchens were actually like that!
    • Favorite meal to make in your new Caraway collection: Breakfast!I live offs eggs over-easy with some greens.
    • Country where you dream of retiring: The United States? Hahaha. specifically New Mexico though. I love the landscapes there.
    • Caraway — cabinets or countertops? Realistically cabinets (#smallNYCkitchen), but ideally countertops.
    • Most notorious DIY project you’ve done in your home: Painted a ceiling (I’m not much of a DIYer)
    • Favorite color to see on a plate: Green.
    • Kitchen sound that feels most like home: Something crackling on the stovetop in the morning (it means my parents are making us breakfast when we visit).

    For more insporation head to @amber_vittoria and shop our Arist Capsule today!

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