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    Color Concepts: The Story Behind The Copper Collection

    Copper Collection Hero

    Sophisticated, chic, and everything in between – meet the Copper Collection. We dish it all, including our inspiration behind the collection, and give a special feature on our three new shades.

    It’s been nearly a year since we first introduced copper hardware in our limited edition Artist’s Capsule with Amber Vittoria, and we’ve been itching to bring it back ever since. Vivid and distinct, the popularity of our Amber Vittoria shades showed us that we were just scratching the surface of copper’s full potential.

    Several months later, we finally decided to bring copper back, and this time, copper is the star. Introducing the Copper Collection, Caraway’s newest range of bold and exciting colors–Emerald, Midnight, & Stone–all dressed up with the metal of the moment, copper.

    Copper Image 1

    Color Me Copper

    From fixtures to faucets and frying pans, copper has long played a key role in good home design. Compared to other more stark metals, copper's warm and organic tones help a home feel inviting while still maintaining an element of sophistication.

    While Amber Vittoria’s Pink & Turquoise shades that originally accompanied copper were bright and bold, this time around, we paired copper with three vintage-inspired shades that truly let the hardware shine. So, are you ready to meet the new colors?

    Copper images 2

    Timeless New Shades


    An airy and inviting shade–we think of Stone as a sandier, more toned-down version of our best-selling Cream color. Copper hardware enhances Stone’s natural blush undertones; together, they are ready to take on any kind of kitchen.

    Copper image 3


    We intensified the depth and darkened the shadows with a classic navy blue to achieve Midnight. It’s bold enough to serve a statement but versatile enough to complement a variety of kitchens. Paired with copper hardware, Midnight’s dark tones allow copper to truly shimmer and shine.

    Copper images 4


    We're taking you to the emerald city with the third shade in our Copper Collection. Elegant and chic, Emerald can make even the blandest space feel unique. The addition of copper hardware makes for a bold contrast and adds a sense of regality to the collection.

    copper images 5

    Like what you see? Shop our limited edition Copper Collection here, and remember to shop these vintage-inspired shades before they actually become vintage, as this collection won’t be making a rerun.

    Psst – want a sneak peek at the images that inspired the launch? Check out our Copper Collection Pinterest boards here.

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