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    Color Concepts: The Story Behind Brick Red

    Brick Red Photo

    Deck the halls with this season's hottest shade – Brick Red. Dive deep into our newest limited edition color, and learn everything from how how we initially developed Brick Red to why we chose to release it now.

    Here at Caraway, we’ve been asked to produce every cookware color under the sun.

    Some requests are more tame, like a black or a classic white, while some are more adventurous, like “clementine” or “chartreuse.” However, there is only one color that we are asked about daily. As it gets closer and closer to the holiday season, the requests seem to double.

    That's right, we're talking Brick Red.

    Brick Red Showcase

    The History of Red

    Throughout history, red has always held significance for different cultures across the world. In the East, red has long been associated with luck and good fortune. In the Western world, red is more commonly associated with love and passion. By the same token, too much red can often feel intense or even dangerous.

    In recent years, it seemed as though the design world had forgotten about rich and alluring reds, and instead opted for soft neutrals and delicate pastels (cough millennial pink cough).

    Well, we have news for you: Red. Is. Back.

    Brick Red

    We’ve always admired red for its ability to increase energy and vitality, and knew we needed to create the perfect shade for our Cookware Collection. We wanted a red that felt bold, while still being sophisticated. It needed to make a statement while still being able to compliment a variety of kitchens. Enter: Brick Red.

    As soon as we laid eyes upon it, we knew this slightly muted and more mature version of red was the perfect addition to the Caraway family. We couldn’t imagine a better time to release Brick than the holidays, where red is synonymous with joy and cheer.

    Feeling Inspired? Here are some ways to incorporate Brick Red into your kitchen:

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      Bold Cabinets

    • Design ideas for colourful kitchens

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    • Designers Spill Their Best Decorating Secrets

      Or, Go All Out!




    No matter how you incorporate red into your kitchen, it’s not complete without our newest limited edition cookware color.

    Caraway - Brick Red Top View

    Shop our Brick Red Collection here, and remember, just like the rush of the holiday season, Brick Red will be gone as quickly as it came.

    Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Brick Red Pinterest board here.

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