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    All the Amazing Things a Saute Pan Can Do

    Saute Pancake Pan Hero Image

    Sauté Pans are a staple in most kitchens and can be used in a variety cooking purposes. Let’s take a look at Sauté Pans and all the incredible things they do.

    Sauté Pans aren’t just tools that chefs at fancy restaurants use. They are a staple in most kitchens and can be used to conjure anything from simple dishes to extravagant meals.

    Let’s take a look at Sauté Pans and all the incredible things they do.

    Sauté Pan vs. Other Pans?

    A Sauté Pan is a type of cookware that usually has a wide and flat-bottomed and tall vertical sides. This description might sound similar to other cooking pans you run across, but each and every one of them differs from one another, both in terms of structure and uses.

    Sauté Pans vs. Fry Pans

    The pans that usually get mixed up with Sauté Pans are Fry Pans, Skillets, and Sauce Pans. However, there are distinct differences. To start, a skillet is usually used interchangeably with Fry Pans, as they are essentially the same thing.

    Fry Pans are shallow, flat-bottomed cooking vessels with sloped, flared sides that make it ideal for, as the name suggests, frying food, as well as searing, flipping food, and grilling.

    A major difference between a Fry Pan and a Sauté Pan is its depth. Sauté Pans are usually much deeper, and their vertical sides allow for them to hold more volume and prevent spills. Because of this, Fry Pans are better for shallow-frying, while Sauté Pans work well for slow-cooking methods.

    While the structure is slightly different, both Fry Pans and Sauté Pans can be used on the stovetop. In fact, our Fry Pan, Sauté Pans, and all other cookware is stovetop agnostic, which means that it can function on any stovetop — induction, gas, and even electric. The great thing about our cookware is that if your recipe calls for oven use, you can safely put them in ovens up to 550°F.

    Sauté Pans vs. Sauce Pans

    With Sauce Pans, there is a bit more of a visual distinction when compared to a Sauté Pan. A commonality between the two cookwares is that they have straight vertical sides. However, the critical distinction is that for Sauce Pans, the sides are much taller than Sauté Pans’ sides.

    This makes them great for focusing on liquids since the sides prevent spillage. Though they are equally important, Sauté Pans can be used for a much wider range of dishes.

    Eggs being cooked in a non-stick sauté pan and served with a wooden spatula

    All the Amazing Things Sauté Pans Do

    Sauté Pans can do so many amazing things, whether it’s operating as the vessel for you to try out a cooking method for a new dish or helping you acquire a healthy, intentional lifestyle.

    Sauté Pans are extremely versatile, and their shape does provide a surface that can hold liquid, which is especially useful in a variety of cooking methods.

    Let’s discuss this jack of all trades cookware essential.


    The vertical sides of Sauté Pans make them great vessels for cooking food in liquid bases, especially when braising.

    For this method, the pan needs to be deep enough that the food is covered by the liquid, as well as able to be used both in an oven and on a stovetop. Sauté Pans check all the boxes and are the ideal cookware for such a cooking task.

    Braising requires you to cook something in the liquid on low heat for a long time, and our Sauté Pan has the best qualities for this. Our cookware is made out of ceramic, which is a thermally conductive material. It has better heat retention than most, which means that it can sustain the temperature that you need for a long cooking time as needed when braising.


    Once again, the depth of the Sauté Pan comes in handy when you’re looking to shallow fry some food. This cooking method is a great way to acquire that browned, crispy exterior without needing to fill an entire pan with oil.

    The heat conduction of our Sauté Pan makes it a prime candidate for this method as well. It ensures that you can sustain an even temperature over time to create that perfectly fried dish.

    Clean With Ease

    Ceramic cookware has great heat conduction and retention qualities. But the benefits go beyond just that.

    The only thing better than a Sauté Pan is a ceramic Sauté Pan. Our ceramic coating provides a natural slick surface that ensures that food won’t stick to the pan. This is a quality that’s so valuable when cooking with any cookware. The non-stick surface creates an easy cooking experience, but also comes in handy in post-cooking tasks such as cleaning.

    Food that sticks to the pan is terrible, but having to clean the aftermath is even worse. Thankfully, the non-stick quality tackles the issue proactively by ensuring that food doesn’t stick to the pan. Any excess food that remains during the cleaning process can easily fall off with just some soap and warm water.

    With all the time and effort put into cooking meals and organizing your kitchen space, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting aside even more time to excessively scrub your Sauté Pan clean. And with ceramic cookware, you won’t have to.

    Healthier Living

    The ceramic material of our Sauté Pan has more benefits than one. It is one of the gateways to healthy, intentional living.

    Non-stick surfaces are great in general, but ceramic is always the better option than traditional non-stick cookware. The latter creates this slick surface using a chemical known as Teflon, or PTFE. This chemical is linked to potential health risks, such as thyroid disease and cancer. The chemical can easily become ingested if the material chips and flakes into food while cooking.

    Meanwhile, our cookware is 100% non-toxic and free of PTFE, PFAS, PFOA, and other toxic metals. So you can enjoy the non-stick quality without the potential health risks that come with traditional non-stick cookware.

    Because ceramic cookware works so well on its own to prevent sticking, it also means that you don’t have to use as much oil or butter to pre-grease the pan. This can be a game-changer for people who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    Why Buy It in a Set?

    With all the possibilities that come with Sauté Pans, it’s definitely a kitchen essential. But why enjoy these benefits in just one cookware when you can enjoy them in a cookware set?

    Our Cookware Set narrows down a 16 piece set to just four versatile cookware pieces, including a Sauté Pan, Sauce Pan, Dutch Oven, and Fry Pan. Between the ceramic material and the multifunctionality of these cookwares, this is definitely something you would want in your kitchen.

    Here, we highlight some more reasons why you include a Sauté Pan in your set.

    Marigold ceramic cookware resting on a stove top


    Adding more dishes to your kitchen can be a hassle—unless you know just how to store them. Our Cookware Set comes with two free storage units to help with that, including a Magnetic Pan Rack and a Canvas Lid Holder.

    This storage unit is huge, yet it fits perfectly in the cabinets of any size kitchen. It ensures that your cookware is in a convenient location, all while keeping them apart from one another, so they don’t scratch or damage the non-stick surface.

    Beautiful Aesthetic

    Our Cookware Set comes in a variety of different colors that are sure to captivate everyone’s attention — including your own.

    Whether you have an industrial kitchen that would work well with our neutral Cream or Navy colors, or a boho style kitchen that would be complemented by a stunning Perracotta, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

    And if you’re struggling to pick the color that’s just right for your kitchen, just message us on Instagram, and we can recommend a color for you!

    Sauté Every Day

    If a Cookware Set is the capsule wardrobe of the kitchen, the Sauté Pan is as critical as the little black dress or those perfectly tailored jeans.

    The Sauté Pan can handle just about anything you throw at (or in) it. And what it needs a little help with, well, that’s where the rest of the Caraway Cookware Set comes into play.


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