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    A Week of Meals with Alice Sun

    Alice Sun x Caraway StoveTopStill

    Do your New Year Resolutions involve more holistic cooking? Look no further than @AliceSun, a recipe developer & influencer, who shares their tips for better-for-you cooking with none other than our better-for-you kitchenware.

    We joined @alicesun and discussed what she eats in a week, her guide to holistic cooking, and her favorite kitchen must-haves.

    When did your cooking journey begin and how has it influenced other aspects of your life?

    My cooking journey really began as a kid, spending a ton of time with my grandma, who was my main caretaker. I loved watching her swift movements when it came to wrapping dumplings, the ease and grace of her process as she broke down a chicken, and the smells and warmth when she was working on a broth.

    It’s influenced the way that I think about taking care of myself and she really instilled in me how to think about food as a form of medicine. I’ve kept a lot of colds, sore throats, and inflammation at bay because of her recipes and wisdom when it comes to the types of foods to incorporate more or avoid during certain seasons.

    Now I’ve also used her philosophy to think about the tools I use to cook, which has made Caraway my go to for my kitchen items. I love their non-toxic approach, their aesthetics, and the functionality of their products! So easy to use, simple to clean, and healthy to use.

    How do you incorporate a holistic approach to your cooking?

    Our cooking style is all about balancing our cravings with nourishing foods! Because Chinese medicine is such a big part of how I feed myself on a weekly basis, I’m always looking for how to nourish my body based on the seasons and what my body’s imbalances are. But no matter what it is I’m making and craving, whether it’s a healing chicken soup or miso grilled cheese, I’m always prioritizing using healthy ingredients and cooking practices, starting with the equipment. Caraway’s non-toxic coating keeps my mind at ease because I know I’m making the yummiest food, without the harmful chemicals.


    How do you keep yourself motivated to cook at home?

    Having a ton of cookbooks with bookmarked recipes! That way when there are days I’m really not feeling it, I know I have something to look forward to. It also helps to know that cleaning up literally takes 5 minutes; I just give my caraway pots a quick pass with my sponge and everything comes right off!

    How does the set up of your physical space impact the way you interact in the kitchen?

    My physical space makes a huge impact on the time I want to spend in the kitchen! That’s why you’ll see that I’m always cleaning something out of the sink or scrubbing the stove after cooking. As my mom always says, clear space, clear mind. And the cleaner the space, the more excited I am to use it! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see that all the Caraway goods came with organizational systems that magnetize and keep my space even cleaner than before.

    What healthy habits are you looking to establish in the kitchen this year?

    I’m hoping to cook my beans this year and have a meal/week dedicated to legumes! So far, every time I’ve been cooking beans in the Caraway pots, they come out perfectly, which makes me even more motivated to get my bean game on. Plus, in Chinese medicine cooking, beans are great for rebalancing the body for clearing heat, resolving dampness, and retaining moisture. Now that I live in a dry climate like LA, this is what my body needs now more than anything.


    • Describe your kitchen in one word: Cozy, warm, clean.
    • Favorite Caraway color and why?: Perracotta - food is my passion and this color conveys that passion.
    • What's your New Year's Resolution?: Remember that food is your nourishment – you don’t need to cook or eat in any specific way.
    • Who would be on your dinner party guest list?: SZA, Fuschia Dunlop, Michelle Yeoh, Jay Shetty, Keanu Reeves, Hitomi Mochizuki.
    • What's your favorite meal of the day?: Breakfast!
    • Go-to drink while cooking?: Combo of blood orange soda, with oolong tea, and sparkling water.
    • Favorite comfort food?: Any kind of soup, but especially pho.
    • Name three ingredients you can’t live without: Soy sauce, shaoxing wine, chili bean sauce
    • What person has influenced your cooking style the most?: Samin Nosrat, Salt Fat Acid Heat affects every type of cuisine I make.
    • What's your morning routine?: Wake up, immediately go for a walk outside with the dogs or myself just to get the sun in my face, make myself a honey oat latte, and go to work! If I have time, I’ll also do a daily journal but these days I’ve fallen off…
    • Your Caraway Sets – stored on the countertops or tidy in a cabinet?: Tidy in my cabinet, but usually the Tea Kettle is on my stove. :)

    Watch what @alicesun eats in a week here and shop our non-toxic kitchenwares today!

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