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    5 Affordable Home Design Hacks to Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

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    Spring is the perfect time to change the look and feel of your kitchen—and you don't have to break the bank to do it. Read on for affordable design hacks you can use to breathe new life into your kitchen this spring.

    Everything feels fresh, new, and exciting in spring—making spring the perfect season to update, and refresh your kitchen.

    The good news? You don’t need to break the bank to update your kitchen this spring. You can breathe new life into your space—even if you don’t have the budget for a large renovation.

    Let’s take a look at five affordable home design hacks you can use to give a completely new look and feel to your kitchen—just in time for spring:

    Open Shelving

    Your kitchen is a gathering place for you, your family, and your friends. It’s a space where you spend a lot of time—and, as such, you want the space to feel well-designed and on-trend.

    Luckily, it doesn’t take much time, effort, and budget to create visual impact in your kitchen; all you need are a few shelves.

    Installing open shelving in your kitchen (either in place of or in addition to traditional cabinetry) and then decorating those shelves with a mix of decor, greenery, and functional kitchen items (like dishware)—is an easy, affordable way to grant your kitchen a new look and feel this spring.

    “I have tons of decorative vases and candles and plants on my open shelves...and it's a huge statement piece for people when they walk in,” says Halley Mastrolonardo, interior design expert and founder of Boheme & Birch.

    Organize Your Cookware

    In addition to being a great time to refresh your home design, spring is also a great time to get organized—including in your kitchen. And there’s one design hack that can help you accomplish both—and that’s Caraway organizers.

    Every Caraway Cookware Set comes with a corresponding set of storage racks. Each rack magnetically connects to the other for the perfect horizontal solution that looks incredible on your kitchen counter. Not only will the Caraway organizers help to declutter and free up precious cabinet space in your kitchen, it’s also a great way to display your chic cookware set and add visual interest to your kitchen design.

    “It's a nice way to organize and see all your pans out there,” says Mastrolonardo.

    Contact Paper

    Let’s be real: redesigning a kitchen can get expensive—and it can get expensive fast.

    But updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be break the bank! When you want to breathe new life into your kitchen, “but you can't afford to redo the…[room, try] contact paper,” says Mastrolonardo. “It peels right off when you're done with it. It's a really affordable way to transform the look [of the space].

    If you want a subtle change to your space, you can line your kitchen drawers or pantry shelves with colored or patterned contact paper—or, if you want a bolder change, try adhering the contact paper right to the wall to create an attention-grabbing backsplash for your oven.

    Shop Your Home

    All the design hacks we covered here are definitely on the affordable end of the spectrum. But there are ways to breathe new life into your kitchen this spring—even if you have no budget to work with at all.

    Try “shopping your home, as they say,” says Mastrolonardo. “Just use what you have!”

    Go through your home, pull different decor items, and see how you can reuse, rearrange, and repurpose them to create a new look and feel in your kitchen. For example, you might grab a piece of art that’s currently in your office and use it to create a focal point in your kitchen design—or repurpose candles and vases you have in your bedroom to create a new centerpiece for your kitchen island.

    The point is, your home is already full of items that speak to you and your design style—and sometimes, all it takes is repurposing those items to create a new look and feel for your kitchen (no money necessary!).

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