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    4 Things I Wish I Knew While Making My Registry

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    From registry nightmares to curated bliss. Get ready for essential tips on building a wedding wishlist that screams "you." Read on to discover our 4 key tips on saying goodbye to clutter and hello to registry nirvana.

    You’ve probably imagined it before. I mean, most of us have, right? Skipping through a department store, scanning the all-powerful registry gun at whatever home goods tickle your fancy. It all sounds like fun and games… that is until it actually comes time to register.

    What you once imagined as a world of possibilities suddenly feels like an overwhelming nightmare. Questions such as “Exactly how many dishes do I need?” and “Am I really going to use a pasta maker?” start to nag at you, and your “dedicated” registry consultant is proving to be less than helpful. With moms and mother-in-laws all adding their two cents in the mix, it can be hard to ascertain what you really want, and what other people think you need.

    As creators of a variety of “only-what-you-need” Kitchenware Sets, we like to think of ourselves as a bit of an expert in the home goods space. Having registered ourselves (and coached quite a few friends through the process), we came up with 4 essential tips to keep in mind while building your registry. (You can thank us later.)

    Tip #1: Know Thyself

    We gotta say, Socrates really knew what he was talking about with this one. When it comes down to it, YOU know you best. Although it may be the first time you're creating a registry, you still know what gadgets & gizmos will be most helpful to you at the end of the day. Never been a hoster? No need to register for large dish sets or massive serving pieces! Don’t like pizza? Keep the pizza stone off the registry! (Yes, even if your mother-in-law insists.)

    Add edited-down sets that are realistic for your lifestyle. For example, most people don’t need more than 4 essential pots and pans (like this curated Cookware Set from Caraway), and yet countless 20+ cookware sets get added to registries every day! Save yourself the clutter, and choose only-what-you-need sets whenever possible.

    Tip #2: Think Long-Term

    On the flip side of the same coin, it’s important to think of what you and your partner will need in the future as well. For example; dishes break, flatware gets lost, and wine glasses tend to, well, de-stem. It’s good practice to register for a few more settings than you absolutely need.

    Remember, most people only get to register once. It’s worth putting items you can foresee yourself using in the future on your registry now, even if they won’t get immediate use. If you’re a big baker but don’t have room for a full Bakeware Set in your small city apartment, see if your parents or in-laws can store it for you. You can use only the essentials in the interim and will thank yourself once you have more room later on.

    Tip #3: Pick A Variety Of Price Points

    Remember, different people have different budgets! It’s good practice to ensure you have gifts in a variety of price points on your registry, as you wouldn’t want to deter anyone who doesn’t find a present for the price they’d like to spend.

    To prevent your home from looking like a hodge-podge of random items, find brands you adore and choose to register for multiple items within one brand. For example, registering for Caraway’s non-toxic Mini Cookware Duo, Tea Kettle, and Food Storage Set will ensure your kitchen looks put together, and still gives guests a variety of price points to choose from.

    Tip #4: Don’t Go Too Trendy

    As we mentioned before, you’ll (hopefully) be making use of your registry gifts for a long time, so avoid only registering for gifts that are too trendy. While organic shapes & bouclé may be all the rage right now, it’s important to keep in mind that it may feel dated in a few years.

    But don’t be mistaken, we’d never advocate for a boring registry! Rather, we just suggest looking for designs that’ll stand the test of time. If you’re a fan of proud colors, then by all means, go ahead and register for some Marigold or Perracotta Caraway. The shades may be bold, but the thoughtful design and unique construction can ensure you’ll still be loving them in years' time.

    Well, that was a mouthful, but we hope it was helpful! Plus, we’ve got a special surprise in store. We’re offering one lucky couple the chance to win their dream Caraway kitchen off their registry! You can find additional details here, and submit your entry here.

    Good luck, and happy registering!

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