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9 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Cookware to Caraway

Finally, cookware designed for the modern kitchen. See all the reasons we’re loving Instagram’s favorite cookware set.

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Discover our 4pc. set with free cookware storage

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1. Cookware Without the Chemicals

Traditional non-stick cookware (over 95%!) is made with chemicals that can leach into your food and home. At Caraway, we make 100% non-toxic, safe cookware for healthier homes. Now that’s something to celebrate.

2. Naturally Non-Stick Surface

Ceramic’s naturally non-stick cooking surface makes flipping pancakes a breeze and slide-off-the-pan eggs as easy as pie. Even better, the naturally slick surface means less oil or butter in your food, for healthier (and tastier) cooking.

3. Less Dishwashing Time

This naturally non-stick surface means not only is cooking a breeze, but cleaning too. Food and grime slip off the pan seamlessly, meaning less time doing the dishes and more time relaxing. No soaking, no scrubbing, no problem.

4. They Elevate Your Kitchen Aesthetic

Caraway’s cookware comes in 5+ beautiful, bold colors designed to elevate any kitchen. Beloved by celebrities, interior design experts, and organization enthusiasts, the Cookware Set is your one-and-done kitchen addition that will induce envy in anyone that steps in your home.

Save Up to 20%

Discover our 4pc. set with free cookware storage

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5. Makes Cookware Organization A Dream

Every Cookware Set comes with organizers designed to fit inside your cabinet at no extra cost. Thanks to our Magnetic Pan Racks and Canvas Lid Holder, you’ll never have to stack your pans or go digging for lids again.

6. Designed to Do It All

Gone are the days of the 16-piece cookware set. Caraway’s set comes with four only-what-you-need pots and pans that can take on any recipe, any stovetop (induction, too!), and are oven safe up to 550 degrees.

7. Quality Cookware at a Reasonable Price

By operating direct-to-consumer, Caraway is able to cut out the high retail markups and deliver premium cookware at a lower price. Opt for Afterpay at checkout for a convenient and affordable way to upgrade your cookware, with 4 interest-free monthly installments.

8. 14,000+ 5-Star Reviews & Counting

Read through thousands of reviews from real life Caraway cooks who all agree that switching to our non-toxic ceramic cookware was a no brainer.

9. 30-Days of Guilt-Free Cooking

Cook with Caraway risk-free for 30-days. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, simply send back your set at no extra cost for return shipping.

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